What is Carving Longboard – Figure out the Best One

If you are interested in longboarding you must know what is carving longboard because this form adds much fun to longboarding. So let me help you with this inquiry in this article so that you can have a clear idea of carving longboards.

Carving longboards are the ones which help you in carving better that means which let you have better control. Carving is important in longboarding for having better control or slowing down the board easily.

Carving on a longboard makes you look cool on the streets and thus your longboarding experience becomes delightful. Now time to know what characteristics you should look for in a longboard for carving.

What is Carving Longboard

Characteristics of the Best Carving Longboard

Strong construction

Carving stunts are mostly done downhill where keeping balance is quite difficult if the construction of the longboard is not strong enough. So try to find a longboard which is constructed with strong materials like maple, epoxy, bamboo, fiberglass, etc.


Carving always makes enough pressure on the board and so the longboard should be strong to be stable for a longer period. Durable longboards are made of strong materials that means the boards which are made with strong materials are ought to be durable.

High balancing capacity

Balancing is important while carving as it is a little difficult task to do. While choosing a longboard for carving you have to see if the wheels are powerful enough to deliver the perfect balance. The large diameter is also important for balancing well while carving.

Mid-sized deck

For carving movements, you need a deck that responds to your moves and gives decent energy. You can get this decent energy for doing the carving effectively from a mid-sized deck that ranges between 32″ to 42″. Besides, deck style is also important and top mount decks are best for powerful carving.

Amazing deck flex

When you want to do a low speed carving the board must have some flex. Best flex comes from the boards which are made with hybrid materials. Deck flex somehow depends on riders’ weight as well.

Cambered platform

The more acceleration occurs while carving the more powerful the carving stunt becomes. Great acceleration happens if the longboard has a cambered platform which means the middle part is slightly raised than the mount points. As a result, the deck can give better impulse and flex thus you can do better carving.

Cutout shape

Specific shapes can enhance the carving capability of a longboard. Wheel cutout shape is one of them which strengthens the carving capability of a longboard. Wheels get enough space for turning tight in the case of cutout shape because here the deck doesn’t wrap the wheels.

Foot lock-in system

Foot lock-in is necessary as you need to make fast transitions and hard turns while carving. The longboards which have a slightly concave structure are best for foot lock-in and perfect carving without risk of an accident.

Well angled truck

Longboards that are specially made for carving mostly come with reverse kingpin trucks because these are very responsive to turns. This type of truck works best in combination with high flexed decks. The baseplate angle of the truck is very important and  50-degree is considered ideal for carving and good balance.


If you are a professional longboarder then you know how much importance carving has in longboarding. But for a beginner, the carving move is quite difficult and more difficult is to choose the best carving longboard. I have already discussed the topic “what is carving longboard?” Just read all tge characteristics and surely you will be able to figure out a perfect one.Hopefully, you will get an in-depth idea about carving longboards and their characteristics after reading the above article. Thank you.