Ninja Foodi Op302 Vs Op305 Comparison 2023: What’s The Difference?

If you are wondering about Ninja Foodi Op301 Vs Op305, you are not the only one! The reason people get confuse while deciding between Op302 Vs Op305 is that there are so many similarities between these appliances.

Ninja Foodi Op302 Vs Op305

Needless to say, Ninja Foodi series has offered some of the latest and greatest kitchen appliances of all time. Both the Ninja Foodi Op302 and Op305 are versatile, practical and amazing models and in this article, you will learn about how one differs from the other and which will be the best for you considering the features and functions you are look for. Let us have a look at the basic features of both Ninja Foodi Op302 and Op305!

Ninja Foodi Op305 Vs Op302 Comparison and Buying Guide

Ninja Foodi Op302 and Op305 are equipped with 9 cooking functions that let you cook a wide variety of delicious meals. In this section, we will find out the similarities and dissimilarities between Ninja Foodi Op302 Vs Op305.

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Ninja Foodi Op302 Vs Op305 Key Differences

The main difference between Ninja Foodi Op302 and Op305 is the material used for inner cooking pot, weight and a slight difference in appearance. In other aspects, the two multicookers are almost similar in every aspect. There are one or two minor differences that we’d like you to know before you make the final purchase.


The two machines are almost similar and there is a very minor difference in the appearance that one might not even notice at first glance. Overall appearance is the same and the only difference is in weight of the appliance.

The Ninja Foodi Op302 measures at 14.25 x 16.75 x 13.10 inches in size and it weighs 24.9 pounds. The Op305 measures the same but it weighs about 30 lbs which is heavier than the Op302.

Accessories in the Package

The ninja foodi Op302 comes with 1400 Watt unit, a pressure cooker lid, an air fryer lid, 6.5 Qt ceramic coated non stick pot, 4 Qt ceramic coated non stick cook and crisp basket, stainless steel reversible rack, and a cook book with 45 amazing recipes for you to try out.

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The Ninja foodi Op305 on the other hand, comes with a pressure cooker lid, air frying lid, reversible rack, a cook and crisp layered insert which increases the air frying capacity of the machine and a cook book with 45 delicious recipes.

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Ninja Foodi Op302 Vs Op305 Similarities

This section of the article talks about the similarities between the two appliances.

Cooking features and functions

The Ninja foodi op302 and op305 gives you freedom to cook a massive range of your favorite dishes from veggies to grains and sea food to chicken. With pressure cooking functionality, you can pressure cook, steam, slow cook, sear/sauté and dehydrate. Using the air frying lid, you will have the access to air crisp, bake/roast, and broil. The 9 in 1 multi-cooking machine is capable of cooking a wide range of meals and the incorporated cooking functions let you try out and experiment with new recipes every day. If you are a cooking freak, we assure you will appreciate whatever Ninja Foodi multi-cooker you pick. On top of that, both the units have a keep warm function to keep your food for several hours at serving temperature.

Quick Cooking

Ninja foodi series was designed to make sure you get healthier food in the quickest possible way. When you pressure cook with Ninja Foodi Op302 or Op305, it cooks 70-75% faster than traditional cooking pots. Further, with the air frying capabilities, you use 90% lesser oil. Most of the time there is no need to use oil at all but some ingredients may require a spoon of oil or two.


The Ninja foodi Op302 and Op305 both feature 6.5 quarts cooking pots for pressure cooking and a 4 quart cooking insert for air frying. It means you can cook a 5 lbs chicken or 2-3 lbs of French fries with ease. In terms of cooking capacity, both the appliances are equal.

Build Quality and Safety Measures

Kitchen appliances especially pressure cookers must have safety features to protect against potential accidents. Ninja Foodi Op302 and Op305 come with 14 safety features which are checked and tested by experts before clearing the appliance for sale. The cookers are PTFE/PFOA free which means the food you are eating is healthy and safe.


Yeah, we know that you don’t wish to stand by the sink washing all that but hey, there is good news! Both the Ninja Foodi Op302 and Op305 is dishwasher safe which means all you have to is just put the pots in the dishwasher and you are good to go.

Secondly, if you don’t have a dishwasher the multi-cooker is still pretty easy to wash since the pots are non-stick coated which means there is no burnt food to rub and clean.

The main unit has stain and finger print resistant exterior so when you want to clean it just take a damp cloth and wipe it clean. No hard work is involved here!

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Keep warm feature

The keep warm feature comes in handy in case your guests are running late or you simply don’t want to eat yet. The machine will keep the food warm for 12 hours so that you don’t have to reheat it every now and then.

Ninja Foodi Op302 Pros and Cons

  • Elegant and stylish design
  • Easy to operate
  • Versatile and multi-functional
  • 9 in 1 multi-cooker
  • Includes multiple accessories
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Expensive than Op305

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Ninja Foodi Op305 Pros and Cons

  • Stealthy design like the Ninja
  • Easy to Understand controls
  • Consistently performance
  • 9 in 1 multi-cooker
  • Multiple accessories
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Bulky & Heavy

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Since the two multi-cookers, Ninja Foodi Op302 and Op305 are almost similar except there is minor difference in weight and design which is negligible; it is a tough one to choose between the two. Although the Ninja Foodi Op305 comes with one additional accessory but Op302 has ample capacity to cook large batches of food for the entire family.

So when Ninja Op302 can do everything why should you pay extra for no reason? Another reason to choose Op302 is the lesser weight compared to Op305 and Op302 is easier to transport from one place to another. Lighter, cheaper and equipped with similar features, offering consistently impressive performance the Ninja Foodi Op302 is surely the winner here!

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