Ninja BL610 Vs BL710 Comparison 2023

If you have thought about getting a mixer, there is a chance that the name Ninja has crossed your mind at one point. Ninja mixers and blenders are of the highest quality and very easy on the pocket too. Along with these and various other reasons, Ninja mixers and blenders are a very popular choice.

But the problem is, there are a lot of mixers and blenders out there. It’s one thing choosing a brand to buy from, but choosing which model to buy is another cumbersome task. We shortlisted Ninja as the best mixer brand, but we had to spend several hours deciding which model was the best.

Ninja BL610 Vs BL710

We did all the research and hard work and chose two mixers from Ninja, so you don’t have to go through all that work. We will be comparing those two mixers, Ninja BL610 vs BL710, so you can make the final decision of which one to buy. Let’s start with a comparison chart, and then we will move forward with our comparison.

Ninja BL610 Vs BL710 Comparison and Buying Guide

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If you were to hide the model names on the top, you wouldn’t be able to tell which is the Ninja BL610 and which is the Ninja BL710. So, you might ask why we are comparing the ninja bl610 vs ninja bl710. The thing is, there is so much more to these appliances than just their specs. We are going to discuss every minute detail about these mixers, which might affect the user experience.

Ninja BL610 Vs BL710 Differences and Similarities

Power and Performance

It is no surprise that there will be some difference between the power and the performance of the newer model in comparison to the older model. However, that’s not true in the case of the Ninja bl710wm vs bl610 comparison. The reason for that is the similar motor, power, and blade design. Check out our food blogger post for Pakistani recipes.

Both the Ninja BL610 and the Ninja BL710 mixer/blender use a 1000 watt powerful motor to crush, blend, and mix whatever you need. The 1000 watts power base generates more than enough power to crush through fruits, vegetables, and any other ingredients you can need to prepare milkshakes, smoothies, purees, sauces, and whatever.

Anything you throw in this blender will crush to pieces within seconds. It’s not just the powerful motor that is responsible for this high-level crushing. The stacked (or tower) blade design also plays an important role in making sure the blenders can crush and cut through all sorts of ingredients.

There are SIX blades in total in both the bl610 and the bl710wm mixes, stacked one over the other in the middle of the pitcher. The stack blade design, also known as the Total Crushing Blades, not only improves the blending results but also increases the speed. Where the conventional mixers and blenders will take THREE minutes to prepare your favorite smoothies, the ninja bl610 and bl710wm will do that within ONE minute.

So, when you only consider the performance of both these professional blenders, they are quite similar. And if you are only concerned with performance, you can choose any one of these, and you will be satisfied and set for years to come. But, there are other factors that you should consider as well.

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A blender should have enough capacity that users can prepare enough quantity of whatever they need. Whether you are mixing cookie dough, blending sauces, or making drinks for your guests, if you have to do that in batches, it can be time-consuming and boring too. You wouldn’t want one of your guests to wait for their drink while two others are enjoying their smoothies.

Thankfully, you won’t have this problem with either of these two Ninja blenders. Both the Ninja BL610 and the Ninja BL710WM have a 72-ounce capacity pitcher that mounts to almost NINE cups. However, there is one difference between the two. The Ninja BL610 can only hold a maxim of 64-ounce liquid, whereas the BL710 can utilize the full 72-ounce capacity.

Aside from capacity, both blenders have pretty similar pitchers. Ninja uses food-grade BPA-free plastic in both the pitchers, so you can use them with peace of mind and a surety that no harmful substance is touching your food and drinks.

The lids on both these pitchers are snap-on and have a snug fit. You won’t have to stand and hold the lids while blending with these two blenders. And for easy pouring and serving, there are pour-spouts as well, which are also snap open and close very easily. So, no accidental spills or mess in the kitchen when you have the Ninja BL610 or the Ninja BL710 at work.

Another impressive feature in the pitchers of both these blenders is the rotating lock, which keeps both these blenders very stable and safe. After blending, you have to rotate the pitcher to unlock and remove it from the power base. The same goes for their lids as well. There is a release button on the lids to remove them for washing or putting in the ingredients.

Power Base

The power base of the Ninja BL610 and BL710 is similar in terms of power but different in terms of design. Both have a 1000 watt power base, but the BL710‘s power base is much more compact than the BL610. It makes the overall footprint of the BL710 smaller than the BL610.

One thing that’s common between the bases is the grips on the bottom and the control panel on the front. The grips keep the power base stable, so even when you are doing some high-speed blending, the blenders stay stable. All this is to allow you to multitask in the kitchen instead of having to stand guard over the blender.

Control Panel

As you would have seen in the comparison chart, both the blenders have a similar type of control panel. A touchpad that illuminates the setting you select. On the control panel, there are five buttons in total. One is the Power button to turn the blender on/off. Then you have three buttons for the three blade speeds; Low, Medium, and High, respectively. The fifth button is Pulse, which is for grinding and crushing ingredients as per your liking.

The control panel is very simple to understand, with clear labels on each button. However, there are no presets on any of these two blenders. But, considering the prices of these two blenders, you can’t really expect them to have preset programs.


Both the Ninja BL710 vs BL610 are very easy to clean for two reasons. One: every component is easy to take apart to clean separately. Two: the pitchers are dishwasher safe. You can separate the lid and the blades from the pitcher for safe and easy cleanup.

Similarly, for fast and easy cleanup, you can put the pitcher into the dishwasher instead of cleaning it manually.

Key Differences

As you have already seen in the comparison chart as well as the above heading, there aren’t too many differences between Ninja bl710wm vs ninja bl610. They have the same power, same pitcher capacity, and the same controls as well. However, there is one key difference between ninja bl610 vs ninja bl710, that is the price.

Prices and Durability

Even though both Ninja BL610 & BL710 are pretty much the same blenders, the BL710 cost about $15-$20 more than the BL610. We don’t know for sure what the reason for the difference in prices is, but we think it has to do with the durability of both these blenders.

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Both Ninja blenders use BPA-free plastic as the build material; however, the BL710 has a more durable pitcher than the BL610. Secondly, the BL710 has better quality blades too. So, we think that the better material of blades and pitcher is what drives the price of BL710 higher than the BL610.

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Now you know about two very good blenders from Ninja; the Ninja BL610 Vs BL710. Both these blenders are great choices for a home kitchen, an office kitchen, or even for professional use. They both offer similar results in terms of performance and speed, and they both are extremely easy to use and maintain.

The only real difference between the two, which might affect your decision substantially, is the price difference. We would say that if you are a careful user, you can do without the extra layer of durability that the Ninja BL710WM provides, and go for the Ninja BL610. However, if the blender will be going in a place like an office kitchen, or a bar, or a restaurant, you will be better off with the Ninja BL710. The reason is that it will provide the same results, but it can also handle the rough usage of the employees.

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