Ninja CP301 Vs CP307 Comparison 2023

A cup of coffee can determine how your day will go. A bad-tasting coffee can ruin the whole mood, especially if it’s the first cup of the day. A tasty coffee mug will uplift your spirits, energize your body, and freshen up your whole mood. So, coffee is important, but what’s more important is a good coffee maker.

There isn’t always enough time to go and wait in line at a Starbucks for your cup of coffee. Sometimes, even though there is a lot of time, you just don’t feel like going out of the house to get a cup of coffee. Thankfully, the various kitchen appliance manufacturers have manufactured a solution for these troubles; easy to use and cheap countertop coffee makers that make delicious coffee at home.

Ninja CP301 Vs CP307

One brand that makes the best portable coffee makers is Ninja. Ninja’s coffee makers are easy to use, budget-friendly, and loaded with lots of features. In this article, we are going to talk about two such versatile coffee makers. By talk, we mean we are going to compare the Ninja CP301 vs CP307.

We will first compare the specs of both these coffee makers and then compare the features and qualities as well. In short, we will provide you all the important information about Ninja CP301 and CP307, so you can decide which one to buy.

Ninja CP301 Vs CP301 Comparison and Buying Guide

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The table clearly shows that there are no noticeable differences between the two coffee makers that might affect your coffee tastes. The Ninja CP301 and CP307 both have similar features, use the same power and mechanism to make delicious and frothy coffee.

So, why would we compare these two coffee makers if they are the same? Well, there are two differences that can affect your final decision. First, let’s take a look at the features and functions of both these coffee makers, and then we will tell you about the differences.


Taking one sip of the coffee made from both these coffee makers was enough to convince us that Ninja left nothing to do for the users. Just fill the coffee powder, fill the water reservoir, and enjoy delicious hot or cold coffee within minutes. The pour-over method makes sure you get the perfect aroma and taste, whether you are making coffee or tea.

The taste of both the tea and coffee is so good that we think the Ninja Cold & Hot Brew System can make a great fit in coffee houses and restaurants as well. With the great taste and speed, it can help handle a lot of customers with ease. It makes a perfect for house use, but it will work great in an office kitchen and a restaurant as well.


The Ninja CP301 and CP307 both have tonnes of great features that will help fulfill your caffeine needs with ease. The most notable feature is the two brew system; you can make hot drinks like coffee and tea or go for ice coffee and cold brew. Yes, it works as your coffee maker as well as your tea maker. You get two separate pods and filters for coffee and tea, so the tastes don’t mix up and ruin the whole drink.

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Whether you are making coffee or tea, you get SIX brew styles to choose from. For coffee, you get to brew classic, rich, over ice, cold, and specialty. As for tea, you can make herbal tea, black tea, oolong tea, white tea, and green tea. So, you are getting TWELVE caffeine drink options in a single unit.

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The best part is that no matter what drink you decide to make, your effort is minimal. All you have to do is put the coffee powder or tea into their filter pods and press the desired drink button. Within 10-15 minutes, you will have a carafe full of tea or coffee, which you can serve to your guests.

One of the best features that almost all the Ninja coffee makers have is the brew size options. Thankfully, Ninja CP301 and CP307 also have this important feature. You get the option to choose from SIX different brew sizes. You can make a small cup, a large cup, or fill your travel mug, or choose to make a full or half carafe. These brew-size options save a lot of coffee or tea from going down the drain. Just make the exact amount you need and enjoy instead of wasting the whole coffee jar within a week.

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There are lots of other small features that make a lot of difference to the user experience. For instance, there is a drip-stop button on the control panel that stops coffee from dripping into the carafe or cup. When you are serving or when there is no cup or carafe on the hot plate, you can press the drip-stop button to ensure that coffee doesn’t drip onto the hot plate and create a mess.

You also get two much-needed accessories; a fold-away frother and a plastic measuring scoop. The frother will turn your milk into a silky froth in seconds, which you can then use on your coffee, tea, or any drink for that matter. The plastic scoop is also a way to reduce wastage. There are labels on the scoop that shows how much coffee or tea powder you need to make a certain amount of that drink. These small things make a big difference to the coffee-making process, and we felt that difference firsthand.

Other features include the Stay Warm feature and the Delay Brew feature to keep your coffee fresh and warm for hours and make sure your coffee is ready just when you need it.

Control Panel

You would think that with all these features, the controls of the Ninja CP301 and CP307 will be difficult to use. But, that’s not entirely true. Yes, there is a learning period because you have to use dials to control the majority of the settings, but it’s very easy to learn them.

On the control panel, there are two dials. One dial is to select the brew size, and the other is to select the brew style and start the coffee/tea-making process. Those are the only two things you need to worry about to make delicious tea and coffee. The user manual is very easy to understand, and you can learn the rest of the advanced features from there.


Cleaning coffee makers is no easy task because of the large number of components that you have to take care of. From the permanent filters to water reservoirs to the carafes; and then the interior and exterior of the coffee maker itself. It’s a time-consuming task and definitely not anyone’s top priority.

Ninja somehow manages to make this process a bit easier by introducing the Clean light and button. When the Ninja CP301 and CP307 need cleaning, the clean light will turn on. When it turns on, you have to remove and clean the filters, clean the water reservoir and the exterior body as well.

When the light turns on, press the clean button and wait for an hour. The coffee maker will clean itself, using the water from the water reservoir. Then you have to remove all the components and rinse them manually. It does take a lot of time, but it is necessary to keep the coffee maker’s performance at the best levels. You can find Pakistani recipes on our food blogger post.

Ninja CP301 Vs CP307 Key Differences

We found two big differences when comparing the Ninja CP301 vs CP307. One was the carafe material, and the other was the price.

Carafe Material and Price

The Ninja CP301 comes with a glass carafe, but the Ninja CP307 comes with a thermal carafe. If you are a new user, you might not feel that it’s a big difference, but the truth is that the thermal carafe is a better option than the glass carafe. The glass carafe looks more stylish, but the thermal carafe is more durable, and it keeps the coffee warm for longer.

However, the thermal carafe option costs more too. A glass carafe is much cheaper than a thermal carafe so, in turn, a coffee maker with a glass carafe costs less than a thermal carafe. Comparing the Ninja CP301 vs CP307, the CP301 cost almost $100 less than the CP307, and the only reason is the glass carafe.

So, if you think you can make do with a glass carafe, you can save almost $100 if you decide to buy the Ninja CP301.


Comparing the Ninja CP301 vs CP307, there aren’t too many differences between the two. Both have the exact same features, the exact control system, and provide similar taste too. In the end, the final decision will rest upon which material carafe do you prefer. If you like a glass carafe, the Ninja CP301 is the better option otherwise for a thermal carafe, you should go with the CP307. If carafe material is of no significance for you, we suggest buying the CP301 and saving the money to buy some delicious coffee and tea jars as well.

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