Ninja BL621 vs BL660 Comparison 2023

Ninja makes some of the best quality blenders that are also reasonably priced. Ninja’s blender range has a lot of different series and models that are all best suited for one type of user or another. Some are best suited for home use, while others target professional environments like restaurants and bars.

No matter what kind of environment you use a Ninja blender in, one thing that’s a surety is that you will get quick and great results. Whatever you decide to blend, mix, or grind in a Ninja blender, you will get satisfactory results. But, as we said earlier, Ninja makes different blenders for different environments, which is why choosing the right one is key.

Ninja BL621 vs BL660

You will be wasting your money if you decide to buy a professional-grade Ninja blender for home usage. Similarly, if you buy a basic blender for a bar or a restaurant, you will face problems. So, we suggest you find the right blender. In this article, we have got two very good blenders that will be a great fit for any environment.

We are going to compare the Ninja BL621 vs BL660, so you can choose one for your kitchen. Let’s start with a specs table, and then we will discuss other aspects of both these Ninja blenders.

Ninja BL621 Vs BL660 Comparison and Buying Guide

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As it’s evident from the table, there aren’t too many differences between ninja bl621 vs ninja bl660. Similar power and similar blade design mean you get the same kind of results with both the blenders. So, how to decide which one to buy? Simple, keep reading this article to find which is the best fit for you.

Power and Performance

As the internal hardware is pretty much the same on both the blenders, the performance is similar as well. You get good blending, mixing, and grinding results consistently with both the blenders. Both Ninja BL660 and BL621 have a TWO horsepower motor powered by an 1100 watt power base.

Along with the power, the stainless steel SIX-blade design will absolutely crush everything you put in these blenders. You can not only mix and blend ingredients like fruits and vegetables or make sauces and purees, but these powerful blenders and strong blades can handle stubborn ingredients like ice very well too.

It’s not just the number of blades that makes it so powerful it’s the way the blades sit into the blender that does the trick. The well-known Total Crushing Blades design of Ninja continues in the BL621 and BL660 as well. Instead of keeping all the blades at the bottom, Ninja blenders have a stack design, with SIX blades spread across a tower in the middle of the pitcher. Both Ninja BL660 and BL621 have the same blade design, which proves very influential for some heavy-duty and quick blending.

Even when you use the Nutri Cups for single-serve, you still get to use the same 1100 watt power base. However, Ninja did adjust the blade design according to the Nutri Cups. The Nutri Cups are much smaller in size, so FOUR blades are enough for blending smaller frozen treats and smoothies. But, the motor is the same, so the results are the same as well.

If your main concern is power and performance, you can choose any one of the blenders, and you will get consistently great results. Whether you need a blender for family needs or for single servings, both BL621 and BL660 will be perfect, thanks to their power and their extra accessories.

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We suggest you read the full article before deciding, so you will know all the information about both these blenders and make a better decision.


The Ninja BL621 and BL660 come with THREE different accessories. With the Ninja BL621, you get a 72 ounces pitcher, TWO 15 ounces Nutri Cups with to-go lids, and an 1100 watt power base. The Ninja BL660 comes with the same accessories, but the only difference is that the BL660 has 16 ounces Nutri Cups.

The 72 ounces pitcher is for main use, like making drinks for families and guests for entertaining at dinners and parties. But, when you only want to prepare drinks like shakes or smoothies for yourself, you can use the Nutri Cups to prepare single servings of your favorites shakes right before or after a workout.

Another advantage of using the Nutri Cups is that you can use them as your container too. With the Nutri Cups, you can make your protein shake before going to the gym, snap on the to-go lids and drink straight out of the cups, instead of having to use a separate bottle.

You can also use the Nuti Cups to store the leftover drinks in your freezer instead of having to store them in a separate container or putting the pitcher in the refrigerator. Basically, with the Nutri Cups, you not only get a couple of travel mugs, but you also get two durable storage cups.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the pitcher and the Nutri Cups are of BPA-free plastic and not glass. Plastic means that the accessories are durable and won’t break anytime soon, even if you drop them multiple times. BPA-free means that they are completely safe to use. No toxic plastic particles will enter your smoothies when you are using, not just these but any Ninja blenders.

Control Panel

Both these blenders are very easy to use because of their touchpad control system with clear labels on every button and function. Both these blenders have the same blender speeds of low, medium, and high. There is a Pulse button as well for more powerful and personalized blending. There is a difference in labels, though; on BL660, the buttons have the same labels as speed levels, i.e., Low, Medium, and High. The BL621, however, uses numbers in place of speeds, i.e., 1, 2, and 3. Different labels exact same speeds.

The BL660 has a button for single-serve, which provides a controlled level of power and speed for when you are preparing single servings using the Nutri Cups. The BL621 also has the single-serve feature, but the button has a different label.


Cleaning blenders is not an easy job, mostly because of the blades and the small pitcher mouths, which don’t allow you to reach the bottom for a thorough cleaning. However, cleaning the BL621 and BL660 pitchers and Nutri Cups is very easy. Mainly because everything is separable and everything apart from the blades is dishwasher safe.

You can put the plastic pitcher, the Nutri Cups, and the snap-on lids in the dishwasher after use for quick and easy cleanup. As for the blades, you will have to clean them yourselves carefully and leave them to dry completely before putting them back into the pitcher or the cups. Overall, it’s pretty simple and safe to clean both these blenders.

Ninja BL621 vs BL660 Key Differences

Nutrients and Vitamins Extraction

If you are a health-conscious person who follows a strict diet and gym regime, you probably already know about this feature. If not, let us tell you about this. With the help of this feature, you can prepare single servings of special and healthy drinks of fruits and vegetables without wasting the vitamins and nutrients of those fruits and vegetables.

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The BL621 has this feature with a separate button for it on the control panel as well. On the other hand, the BL660 only has a single-serve function, which doesn’t really extract the vitamins and nutrients as the BL621 does. It is one of the very few things that differentiate these two otherwise similar blenders.

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The most important difference that will definitely affect your decision is the availability of both these blenders. Both the Ninja BL621 and BL660 have a similar price of just over $100, but the problem is that the BL621 is only available as used or renewed units. The Ninja BL621 is an older model, so you will only find pre-used units or renewed units from Amazon.

That is the only reason we suggest you go with the BL660 because you get a brand new unit with new accessories. Chances of finding a good-quality used unit are low, but the renewed units of Amazon are worth a shot if you persist in buying the BL621. The BL660 offers the same features and performance quality as the BL621, so we would say that you consider the BL660.


We would conclude the comparisons of Ninja bl621 vs bl660 by saying that both these blenders are of the finest quality that is great for family and single-use at homes. In the end, it’s just a matter of which one you prefer because the features, build quality, and results are almost the same. We did tell you about a very obvious difference between these two Ninja blenders, and if that isn’t a problem for you, you can go for the Ninja BL621, but we will still suggest going for a brand new BL660.

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