Vitamix E320 Vs 5200 Comparison 2023

If you ask which is the better Vitamix blender, I’d say All of em and that’s true for the fact that Vitamix has been in the business of manufacturing top-rated and the most powerful blenders of all time. Vitamix blenders are the most durable and dependable and that’s why they are among the best-selling products on Amazon.

Vitamix E320 Vs 5200

In this article, we will compare Vitamix E320 Vs 5200 to find out what both the blenders have to offer and how they are different from one another in terms of functions, presets, control, design, and performance. Let’s find out!

Vitamix E320 Vs 5200 Comparison and Buying Guide

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This section will shed light on how both the Vitamix blenders perform and what they have in store for us.

Vitamix E320 Review

Vitamix E320 comes from the explorian series and it is loaded with powerful features that people mostly try to find in premium and high end blenders. The one thing that most folks look for in a blender is how powerful the machine is and E320 is one of the powerful blenders Vitamix has offered so far. With its 2.2 hp powerful motor you get to blend virtually anything like almonds, coffee and peanuts.

The E320 is known to be one of the budget blenders although its clearly expensive than most entry level blenders. It has a durable build and has powerful motor when compared to Vitamix 5200. The controls have never been that easy to understand thanks to 3 simple buttons that anybody can operate with ease.

It comes with a 64Oz main container which is capable of handling small or large blends with grace. No matter what you throw into the container, you get the best out of it in matter of minutes. The container lid has a middle opening that is very useful if you want to add ingredients in the middle of the blend.

Here are some of the key features of Vitamix Explorian E320:

  • Powerful 2.2Hp motor
  • Pulse feature
  • 64 Oz BPA free super durable Tritan container
  • 10 Variable speed dial
  • 7 year warranty

Upon unboxing, you will get a motor base, a low profile tamper, low profile 64 Oz main container with lid, and a cookbook to let you try a ton of amazing recipes.

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  • Pulse feature gives you freedom to have perfect texture
  • Huge 64 Oz capacity container
  • Well designed and durable
  • Powerful motor base
  • Easy to store under cabinet
  • Quite noisy

Vitamix 5200 Blender Review

If you are looking for a solid, well built, and durable blender, the Vitamix 5200 is another fine choice. It has a 64 Oz container that can produce large batches of your favorite meals within minutes. You can make smoothies, almond butter, and amazingly crushed bar quality ice with this powerful baby.

If run at highest speed, the stainless steel blades create enough heat to make delicious soup in less than 10 minutes. Its 10 variable control dial and powerful motor lets you get a wide range of texture and consistencies while the built-in cooling mechanism prevents the machine from overheating. The only downside of the blender is the lack of pulse mode but the manufacture suggests you can use the on/off button to get the required texture.

It comes with a 64 oz main container and a 2Hp motor which is powerful enough to grind and blend anything at all. You can make delicious and healthy smoothies, mouthwatering soups, and appetizing shakes in a jiffy. Here are some of the key features of the Vitamix 5200:

  • Powerful 2Hp motor
  • 64 Oz BPA free low profile container
  • 10 Variable speed dial
  • 7 year warranty
  • Perfect for hot blending

Upon purchase, you get motor base, 64 Oz main jar, user manual, an instructional DVD, and a classic tamper for perfect blends.

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  • Hot blending
  • Impressive build quality
  • Easy to clean
  • Multiple speed settings
  • Easy to understand controls
  • Huge capacity main blending container
  • Powerful and consistent
  • Loud
  • Not dishwasher safe

Vitamix E320 Vs 5200 Key Differences

In this section, we will discuss the main differences between Vitamix E320 of explorian series and Vitamix 5200 or C series blenders.

Motor Power

Vitamix Explorian 320 comes with 2.2 Hp motor while the Vitamix 5200 has a 2 Hp motor. A 2.2 peak hp motor doesn’t seem much different from a 2 hp motor but it is still more powerful than a 2 hp motor. E320 is better at chopping, blending and grinding tough ingredients such as coffee beans, almonds, peanut and much more. Although E320 is noisy blender but noise is a byproduct of any blender. Some of the manufacture may advertise their blenders to be quiet but that may not be the case when you actually use the product. High end blenders might be less noisy but less or more they do make some noise.

Apart from the motor power, both the blenders have cooling fans in the motor base to keep it cool while in use. Vitamix blenders can be used for several minutes without overheating thanks to the cooling fan in the motor base.

Blender Accessories

The accessories make it convenient to use a blender. Vitamix E320 and 5200 do come with some accessories but they have different accessories in the package.

The Vitamix E320 comes with a 2.2 peak hp motor base, a cookbook, a 64 Oz low profile BPA free container, and a low profile tamper for perfect blends. On the other hand the Vitamix 5200 comes with a 2 hp motor, a classic tamper, cookbook, a 64 Oz low profile container, a DVD, and a getting started guide.

The E320 comes with a low profile tamper as well as container while 5200 has a classic tamper and container. In terms of convenience of use, the E320 is a clear winner here!

Tamper and Main Blending Container

The Vitamix E320 comes with a low profile tamper and container and the Vitamix 5200 comes with a classic container and tamper. With low profile container, the E320 is easy to store in the cabinet and while classic and tall container needs spacious cabinet for storage.

The classic container is perfect for making large batches of meals while the classic one is suitable for making small batches. In terms of large vs small batches, the E320 is the winner!

Color Options

If you are one of those who are selective when it comes to colors, the Vitamix 5200 comes with three different color options i.e. Black, Red and White. You can get the one that suits your kitchen theme perfectly. The Vitamix E320 on the other hand comes in two colors i.e. Black and Red. Kindly note, the price may change for a different color so keep this in mind while choosing your favorite color.

Price Difference

Price is an important factor one should keep in mind while buying the chosen blender or any other product. The Vitamix E320 is a little cheaper as compared to Vitamix 5200 in terms of price but it is powerful and more durable in terms of blending performance.


The super-powerful Vitamix blenders are praised all over the world for their blending power, healthy friendly blending jars, and astonishing build quality and durability. No matter what you choose, you get a powerful blender that will cater to all your blending needs. You can make delicious and well-blended smoothies, shakes, almond butter, peanut butter and much more.

The availability of 10 variable speed options let you attain the texture you require. Cleaning on the other hand is super easy. Simply run the machine with a little water and few drops of soap and you are good to go. Vitamix E320 is certainly a more powerful blender with 10 variable speeds dial, a pulse function and self-cleaning feature. Further, it is dishwasher safe so cleaning has been taken care of. Which is your choice? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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