Ninja CF091 Vs CM401 Comparison 2023

For millions of people all over the world, a nice and fresh cup of coffee is essential to get the day started. With the kitchen countertop coffee makers, the essential morning cup of coffee is ready before you wake up. Instead of running to a nearby coffee amazon or diner for a fresh cup, you can brew your own with these coffee makers at home.

One of the best brands for countertop coffee makers is Ninja. From manual pour-over coffee pots to automatic multi-purpose coffee makers, Ninja has some of the best coffee makers in the market. They have so many different coffee makers with loads of features, which is why we chose two Ninja coffee makers for you.

Ninja CF091 Vs Ninja CM401

In this article, we will be comparing the Ninja CF901 vs CM401 countertop coffee makers. Both these automatic pour-over coffee makers make some great-tasting coffee. The features, the performance, and the coffee is so good that both these coffee makers would be a great fit for any coffeehouse as well.

Let’s start by comparing some important features of both these coffee makers, and then we will move towards their separate reviews. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will have decided which of these two coffee makers is the best for you. We would also tell you about our pick out of these two, so let’s start.

Ninja CF091 Vs CM401 Comparison and Buying Guide

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Apart from two or three features, there isn’t too much difference between the two Ninja coffee makers. But, the thing is that those two to three features can make or break your decision. That is why we haven’t given our verdict just yet. You should also read the rest of the article to decide which are those make-or-break features, so you know exactly what you are buying.

Ninja CF091 Review

If you are willing to spend a bit extra money to get the best overall coffee maker that has lots of useful features, provides great performance, and will cater to your coffee needs for years to come, the Ninja CF091 is one of the best. The multiple brew options, the large carafe capacity, and the various coffee presets will be the perfect fit for your home, office, or even a coffeehouse bar. Let’s take a look at all these features in detail.

Build and Design

A coffee maker is not something that you can buy whenever you feel like it. It is a substantial investment, so you need to make sure that the coffee maker you buy will stand the test of time. The Ninja CF091, with the stainless steel and plastic build, will stand the test of time. The whole unit is a mix of stainless steel and plastic.

The thermal carafe is stainless steel, so it’s durable but also keeps the coffee fresh and warm. The water reservoir is plastic because it needs to be lightweight so you can easily remove it, fill water, and re-attach it to the coffee maker. The coffee pod is also a mix of stainless steel and plastic components.

The best thing about the design is the permanent filter. The coffee filter of Ninja CP091 has a plastic structure with a stainless steel mesh that is easy to remove, wash, and reuse. The permanent filter removes the need of buying new coffee filters every week and having to drink bad-tasting coffee; in case you forget to change the filter.

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The Ninja CP091 has tones of great features that make it the best overall coffee maker from Ninja. With a digital control panel that has different buttons, a dial, and an LED screen as well, using the CP091 is extremely easy.

First, let’s talk about the brew options. The Ninja Coffee Bar has FIVE brew-style presets. You can make classic coffee, rich coffee, over ice brew, cafe forte, and the Ninja Specialty brew. The best part is that all you have to do is fill the coffee powder, fill the water reservoir, and press the button of the brew style you want. The coffee maker will do everything else itself.

Another great feature is the brew size options. The CP091 allows you to choose from SIX different brew sizes. Whether you want a cup of coffee, a travel mug, or a full carafe, you get the exact amount of coffee. You can choose from a small cup, a large cup, a travel mug, a multi-serve travel mug, a half carafe, or a full carafe.

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If you like a fresh cup of coffee right after you wake up, you will love the programmable feature of Ninja Cp091. You can set an exact time of when you want your coffee ready, and the machine will have the coffee ready at that time. For instance, if you are going for a class at your university and you would like a cup of fresh coffee ready just as you get home, all you have to do is fill in the coffee pod and set the timer. The coffee maker will have your coffee ready before you get home.

With all these features, the slightly higher price is just. Considering the utility and the taste of the coffee the Ninja CP091 brews, we would happily pay the extra bucks.

Pros & Cons

  • Drip-stop button to avoid creating a mess.
  • FIVE brew styles.
  • Clean light to remind you to clean the coffee maker.
  • Built-in frother.
  • The thermal carafe keeps coffee warm and fresh for longer.
  • Expensive

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Ninja CM401 Review

The comparison of Ninja CP091 vs CM401 is solely on the basis of the features they have to offer. Because when it comes to performance, it’s quite similar. The taste and aroma of the coffee made in Ninja CP091 is identical to that of Ninja CM401. The reason for that is the similar heating machinery and similar working mechanism.

Both the Ninja countertop coffee makers use the same 1400 watt heating mechanism to generate high temperatures to make the perfect brew. Similarly, the Ninja CM401 and CP091 both are automatic pour-over coffee makers.

When it comes to features, the CM401 is not too far behind the CP091. Let’s see what the Ninja CM401 offers and whether it’s a good choice against the Ninja CP091.

Build and Design

One thing that is exactly the same between the CP091 and CM401 is the build quality. Just like the CP091, the Ninja CM401 is also a mixture of plastic and stainless steel components that keep the coffee maker lightweight and easy to move around but durable at the same time. Available in stainless steel and black color finish, the CM401 looks beautiful sitting on any countertop.

Along with the same material, the CM401 also has similar components. A removable and transparent plastic water reservoir, a stainless steel coffee pod, and a carafe. One difference in components is that the CM401 has an option of a glass carafe too. Some people prefer glass carafes, while others like the durability and utility of thermal carafes.

Even though the build and the components are the same, the CM401 somehow has a much more stylish and sleek outlook. You can see from the comparison table that the CM401 is a much lighter coffee maker than the CP091, and it has a smaller footprint too.

Another factor that makes the CM401 more stylish is the fold-away frother. The Ninja CM401 has a built-in frother that folds into the coffee maker when you are not using it. The CP091 also has a built-in frother, but it doesn’t fold away like the CM401’s.

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Just like the Ninja CP091, the Ninja CM401 also has various useful features to help you make tasty coffee as easily and as quickly as possible. The CM401 has FOUR brings FOUR different brew styles to your kitchen. You can brew classic, rich, over ice, and the Ninja Specialty coffee. In comparison to the CP091, the CM401 lacks the cafe forte brew style.

The brew size options of CM401 are the same as that of Ninja CP091. You can brew a small cup, a big cup, a travel mug, a multi-serve, a half carafe, or a full 50 ounces carafe. In short, you make exactly how much coffee you need instead of having a full carafe, half of which goes to waste at the end of the day.

Making coffee with CM401 is very easy because of its simple and easy-to-understand control panel. With an LED screen, separate buttons to select coffee brew size and style, and a one-button power on/off system, anyone can make tasty coffee for themselves or their guests.

One feature that the CM401 has which the CP091 doesn’t have is the Delay Brew. When you have to run some errands or attend to some guests, you can press the Delay Brew button to slow down the brewing process. It prevents coffee from dripping outside the carafe and onto the hot plate and making a mess.

Another similarity between the Ninja CM401 and CP091 is the permanent filters. Instead of having to buy paper filters once a week, you get a durable and permanent filter which you can remove, clean, and then reuse for as long as you want. Just makes sure not to use some sharp objects to clean the filter otherwise you might damage the mesh filter.

Even if you do damage the filter, you can buy replacements parts of both these Ninja coffee makers, but we suggest being careful in the first place.

Ninja CM401 Coffee Maker Pros and Cons

  • SIX brew sizes.
  • Cheaper glass carafe option.
  • Permanent reusable filter.
  • Fold-away frother.
  • Keep Warm and Delay Brew features.
  • Clean light to tell you when you need to clean the coffee maker.
  • No Warming plate with thermal carafe

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After comparing the Ninja CP091 vs CM401, we would say that even though the CP091 seems the better choice on paper, the CM401 seems the more economical choice. With the CM401, you get pretty much the same features at a much lower price. The only difference is, the CP091 has an extra brew style.

The CM401 also comes with two different carafe options. If you choose the CM401 glass carafe option, you end up saving almost $100 more. So, if you are on a budget, you can consider the glass carafe option. But we would definitely endorse the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker CM401.