Ninja CP301 Vs CM401 Comparison 2023

If you are finding it hard to decide between Ninja CP301 Vs CM401, allow us to assist you in the matter.
A lot of folks get confused while deciding between Ninja CP301 Vs CM401 because both the coffee makers look identical to much extent but they still have differences that one might consider while choosing the best coffee maker.

Ninja CP301 Vs CM401

Let us start simply by comparing the two machines!

Ninja CP301 Vs CM401 Comparison and Buying Guide

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Ninja CP301 Review

There is not much difference between Ninja CP301 Vs CM401 except for the design and brew styles. The forthcoming section will shed light on the key differences and other features of both coffee makers. Additionally, we feature the best food bloggers in Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad.

The Ninja hot and cold brew or as we know it the CP301 is more than a basic coffee maker. The coffee maker gives you the ability to brew hot, flavorful cups of tea and coffee and over ice beverages. It features an advanced thermal flavor extraction technology along with Auto iQ.2, which gives you the best tasting coffee possible and you never have to drive to café again. The CP301 lets you choose from 5 different ways to brew your favorite beverage in 5 different sizes.


Ninja CP301 is shaped like a rectangular block and it is a little taller than its width but overall small enough to slide under kitchen cabinets. Ninja has cleverly tucked away many of its tools in hidden pockets like frother arm and coffee scoop. There is a cut out for coffee scoop on the left hand side of the coffee maker.

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There is a retractable arm that houses the milk frother which you can take out when needed. Also, there is a flip-down resting pad if you wish to brew into cup and mug. There are two filter baskets, one for tea and other for coffee. The machine is well designed and doesn’t look plastic-y and flimsy.

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The control panel is intuitive and super easy to use. There is a timer on the top with Hour and minute button to set the timer. A stay warm and a delay timer button to schedule when you want the machine to brew your drink. Below that, it has a dial to select the size of serving from a regular mug to full carafe. A select dial lets you select the brew style (For Coffee and Tea Both) from 5 options for coffee and 5 for tea.


The Ninja hot and cold brew system – the CP301 offers a wide range of coffee and tea options including smooth, naturally delicious cold brew in just 10 min and frothy chai lattes and cappuccinos. You can enjoy a wide array of coffee and tea options just by pressing a few buttons.

Smart With Auto iQ

The Ninja CP301 recognize what is in the filter basket and displays the drink options accordingly and you can brew your favorite cup of tea or coffee. With the latest Auto iQ one touch intelligence technology, once you select the drink type, the machine will automatically sets the temperature and time and gets you the perfect cup of coffee or tea.

Range of options

The coffee maker offers 6 brew sizes such as single cup, XL cup, travel mug, XL multi-serve, half carafe and full carafe. Also, it features 5 brew styles so you can choose the drink strength as classic, rich, over ice, cold brew, or specialty. Hot brew lets you enjoy, strong, flavorful cup of coffee or tea while cold brew creates refreshing ice beverages.

Other features include a 50 Oz (10 cup) double walled thermal carafe that keeps your coffee and tea hot for approximately two hours. Brew your coffee in a cup, mug, travel mug or carafe, the Ninja CP301 makes everything convenient for you. Machine also tells you when it is time to clean. Please note that the thermal carafe is not dishwasher safe however, it is said to be top-rack dishwasher safe.

What’s in the package?

Upon purchasing, you get the following in the package.

  • A 50 Oz double walled thermal carafe
  • Coffee and tea brew baskets
  • Fold away frother
  • Recipe book
  • Coffee and tea peppermint filters
  • Smart scoop
  • Removable water reservoir
  • A quick start guide
  • Instructional manual
  • 5 brewing styles for coffee and tea
  • 6 serving size options
  • Programmable delay brew
  • Separate coffee and tea filter baskets
  • Incredible build quality
  • Intuitive and easy to operate controls
  • Versatile with consistent performance
  • There are few complaints about water reservoir leakage & plastic smell

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Ninja CM401 Review

The Ninja CM401 is a compact, well-designed and affordable coffee maker with plenty of useful features and options. Its unique design makes it a perfect fit for any kitchen theme. It seems the Ninja CM401 is basically designed to cater to the average human’s needs. The machine works just like any other single-serve coffee maker but it stands out in many aspects given its price tag. Let’s check it out!


One of the outstanding features of the Ninja CM401 is its outstanding and different design with an intuitive user interface. The brewing system is suspended between a support bar on one side and the water tank on the other and all that designed gracefully. The water reservoir is transparent with watermarking to keep track of water quantity filled. The frame of the machine is made out of stainless steel while other parts are made of ABS plastic. Overall the coffee maker gives a premium feel and high-end vibes.

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The control panel couldn’t be more dynamic. At the top you have a clock that allows you schedule your brew in advance at any time of the day. Below, you have two options i.e. stay warm and delay brew. Stay warm will keep your coffee warm for several hours while the delay brew lets you program your brew in advance. The intuitive and easy-to-use rotate dial lets you choose from 6 brew sizes. Below are 4 rectangular buttons to select from 4 brew styles. There is a specialty button and at the bottom, you will find two buttons: Power and Clean.


The Ninja CM401 offers 4 different brew option including classic, rich, over ice and specialty. Classic means you will get more balanced and natural flavor while opting for rich will give you stronger and robust taste. To make cold beverages over ice option comes in handy. If you are the one who prefers cold drinks in summer instead of hot ones, you will appreciate over ice feature. Using specialty brew, you can make your favorite espresso, cappuccinos, lattes, macchiato, and many other bar-style drinks.

What’s in the package?

Upon purchase, you will get the following in the package:

  • A 50 Oz double walled thermal carafe
  • Coffee baskets
  • A Frother
  • Coffee filter
  • A Smart scoop
  • A Removable water reservoir
  • A quick start guide
  • Instructional manual
  • Easy to full water tank
  • 50 Oz Carafe
  • Foldable frother
  • Well placed controls
  • Elegant and modern design
  • 4 Brew styles with 6 Brew sizes
  • No tea brewing option

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Key Differences between Ninja CP301 Vs CM401

Our Ninja CP301 and CM401 Review has covered almost every aspect of the product yet if you still are confused, here are the key differences between Ninja CP301 Vs CM401.

  1. Ninja CP301 is slightly bigger and takes up more space on the kitchen counter but on the other hand it is lighter than CM401.
  2. The Ninja CP301 lets you brew coffee and tea or a combination of both however, the CM401 doesn’t have Tea brewing options.


After taking into consideration the design, controls, features and offered functionality, it is concluded that the winner of the Ninja CP301 Vs CM401 is Ninja CP301. It offers intuitive controls, a wide range of drinks that you can enjoy with CP301, ease of cleaning and a top rack dishwasher safe carafe. If you drink tea and coffee both, the CP301 is a wise pick. On the contrary CM401 is a perfect choice if tea of not on your preferences. Let us know what is your favorite coffee maker so far? We will very much appreciate your feedback!