Ninja Foodi AG301 Vs AG302 Comparison 2023

Who doesn’t love grilled food? The smoky taste and the charred texture is a unique and delicious food experience, and the best thing is that it never gets old. But in this article, we are not going to talk about grilled food; instead, we are going to talk about grills. Preparing grilled food requires a grill, but what to do when you only want to prepare one grill burger patty.

Imagine spending an hour trying to fire up your big and bulky outdoor grill just to prepare one grill burger or a couple of grill sandwiches. Not to mention the hour you will have to spend cleaning the grill afterward. So, what’s the solution. Two words; Indoor Grills. With the indoor grills, you get a similar grilling taste and texture on your food without all the mess and all the smoke.

Ninja Foodi AG301 Vs AG302

The whole point of an indoor grill is that you get to prepare your favorite grilled items inside your kitchen without filling the whole house with smoke. We do admit that a few years back, the indoor grills weren’t of the best quality. They focused more on utility than taste. However, certain brands have made a lot of changes to their indoor grills, improving performance as well as utility. We also feature the best food bloggers in Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad.

One of those brands is Ninja. Ninja is one of the best brands when it comes to kitchen appliances. No matter what appliance you are in the market for, there is a big chance that you can find that product from Ninja. Just like the majority of their appliances, Ninja indoor grills are high-quality and very highly rated by customers.

In this article, we are going to compare two of their very best indoor grills. We will be comparing the Ninja Foodi AG301 vs AG302. We will first take a look at their technical details and then compare their features head to head. The purpose of this comparison of Ninja Foodi AG302 vs AG301 is to help you decide which one to buy. So, let’s get started.

Ninja Foodi AG301 Vs AG302 Comparison and Buying Guide

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As is the case with the same series of products, there aren’t too many differences between the Ninja Foodi AG301 vs AG302. The AG301 and AG302 indoor grills are part of the same Foodi indoor grill series from Ninja. Usually, the difference between similar models is the number of accessories or maybe one or two extra features.

In the case of Ninja Foodi AG301 vs AG302, let’s see what the key differences are between the two.

Ninja Foodi AG301 and AG302 Key Differences

There are two key differences between the two Ninja Foodi indoor grills. One might not be of any real significance for some, but the other might interest you.


One not-so-significant difference between the Ninja Foodi AG301 and AG302 is the accessories you get with both these indoor grills. With the Ninja Foodi AG301, you get a grilling plate, a fryer basket, and a cooking pot. You also get a 15-recipe cookbook and a cleaning brush to clean the grill plate easily.

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When you buy the Ninja Foodi AG302, you get a grilling plate, a cooking pot, a fryer basket, and a set of 5 kebab skewers. The AG302 grill also comes with a cleaning brush and a 20-recipe cookbook. So, in terms of accessories, the only difference is the extra set of stainless steel kebab skewers.

The thing is that you can buy the kebab skewer set as a separate accessory for the Ninja Foodi AG301 easily, which is why we don’t think it is too significant of a difference to affect your buying decision.

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Even though the Ninja Foodi AG302 comes with more goodies than the AG301, it still is $20 less than the Ninja Foodi AG301 indoor grill. These indoor grills from Ninja cost a little over $200, but these multi-purpose cooking appliances are available at great discounted deals on Amazon.

Considering you get the same features and performance from both Ninja Foodi AG301 and AG302, which one you buy is only a matter of your preference and availability. Both of these indoor grills are great at what they do, so picking one winner is not necessary.

We are not going to leave you with just a comparison table of these indoor grills and a differences highlight. Let’s give you a proper review of these indoor grills to discuss these grills’ functions and other useful aspects.

Features and Design

Before moving towards the features, we’ll talk about the design of this indoor grill. We’ll start by saying kudos to Ninja because designing an indoor grill that doesn’t take too much space but doesn’t compromise on cooking capacity is not easy. The Ninja Foodi AG301 and AG302 have a sleek and compact design and a cooking capacity to match the outdoor grills.

The indoor grills will fit perfectly on your kitchen countertop, but if you are short on space, you can store them in your cupboard after use. You do need some storage space to store the extra accessories that you get. A 10” x 10” grilling plate, a 4-quarts fryer basket, and a 6-quart cooking pot won’t store in tiny places, but to enjoy the versatile cooking prowess of the Ninja Foodi AG301 & AG302 indoor grills, you have to find a way.

Since you are getting all these accessories, there must be various features in these indoor grills as well. Even though the AG301 vs AG302 are primarily indoor grills, they do have FOUR other cooking methods too. Along with grilling, you can bake, roast, dehydrate, and air fry your foods in both these 5-in-1 countertop grills.

When you want to air fry, you can use a 4-quarts fryer basket to prepare some fried food items within a few minutes. You can also roast entire chickens, bake cakes, or dehydrate fruits and vegetables using the 6-quarts cooking pot. As for grilling, you can grill up to 4 steak pieces at once on the 10” x 10” high-density grilling plate.

In short, these indoor grills don’t just have multiple cooking functions; they also have the accessories to match. For the best results, you should use the dedicated accessory for each cooking function.

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The good thing about both these Ninja grills is that they are very easy to use, thanks to the intuitive digital touch button control panel. The control panel has a separate button for each and every function. You get a power button to turn the grill on and off. A Start/Stop button to pause and restart the cooking cycles mid-cooking, mostly to check on the food while cooking because there is no viewing window.

There are separate buttons to set the cooking time and temperature. Four cooking function buttons let you choose which way you want to cook your food. Whether you want to air fry, bake, roast, or dehydrate. As for the primary cooking function, grilling, you have a much more extensive control system.

You can set the time, the temperature or use one grilling temperature from four available. The four grill settings- namely Low, Medium, High, and Max- determine the level of doneness you want on your steaks or burgers. Clear labels on every button, an LED screen to accompany the control panel, and a very easy-to-understand user guide ensure that you spend less time fighting the controls and more time enjoying the tasty food that the Ninja Foodi AG301 & AG302 indoor grill cook.

All in all, cooking grilled food couldn’t be any easier than the controls of the Ninja Foodi AG301 and AG302 makes it.


It no secret that cleaning grills is a difficult and tiring task. Cleaning the amount of grease that goes into grilling, then the amount of food that sticks to the grilling plate requires a lot of scrubbing. However, with the Ninja indoor grills, the cleaning part also gets a bit easier. The ceramic-coated non-stick grilling plate ensures that nothing sticks to the grilling plate. Even if some small particles do get stuck in the grilling plate, you can easily clean it with the cleaning brush that you get with both these grills.

It’s not just the grilling plate. The fryer basket, as well as the cooking pot, has a non-stick ceramic coating to make cleanup faster and easier. The fryer basket and the cooking pot are dishwasher safe too, but you have to clean the grilling plate manually.


When you compare the Ninja Foodi AG301 vs AG302, you can buy any one of the two models, and you will get a multi-purpose cooking appliance that provides great-tasting food. However, when you compare the Ninja Foodi indoor grills to other brand indoor grills, Ninja comes out on top every time. Not just because of the features but the quality of food it cooks too.

One thing that is worth mentioning is that Ninja Foodi AG series indoor grills are a bit more costly than other brands, but those other brands fail to provide the versatility that the Ninja 5-in-1 countertop grills provide. You might save over $100 if you buy a different brand, but you will also lose out on the multiple cooking methods like air frying, baking, roasting and more.
So, out of Ninja Foodi AG301 vs AG302, it doesn’t matter which one you choose because you are getting the same functions and the same performance. If you like kebabs, you might prefer the Ninja Foodi AG302. So, the final decision, as always, rests with you.

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