All Clad D7 Vs Copper Core Comparison 2023

All Clad was the pioneer of multi-ply cookware. Starting with 3-ply All-Clad D3, then came the 5-ply D5 and Copper Core, and now they have kicked it up a notch with the 7-ply cookware called the All-Clad D7. But, is the 7-ply set any good. Especially in comparison to the previous choices like the All-Clad D5 and the Copper Core, is the D7 any good?

That is exactly what we will find out in this article. We will compare the All Clad D7 vs Copper Core. We will be comparing the most forgiving stainless steel cookware vs the most responsive cookware set. The D7 vs Copper Core has some very obvious differences as well as some basic similarities. 

All Clad D7 Vs Copper Core

After extensive research and first-hand cooking experience, we would say that the differences greatly affect the user experience. We will compare the All Clad D7 Vs Copper Core in the specs table and then discuss those similarities and differences; just so you can choose which set you want. So, let’s start.

All Clad D7 Vs Copper Core Comparison and Buying Guide

The table clearly shows that there are plenty of factors and differences that will affect the cooking performance of these pans. As we said in the opening of this article, one of these is forgiving cookware while the other is the most responsive to heat. If you have any experience with cookware, you will know by looking at the specs table that which is which.

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If you don’t, we will tell you in detail the which and the why. First, let’s talk about the differences between these two All-Clad cookware sets, and then we will move towards the similarities as well.

All Clad D7 Vs Copper Core Key Differences

These key differences will affect your buying decision because they have a direct effect on the cooking performance of these cookware sets. You might have figured out some differences in the specs table, but here we will discuss those in-depth.

Core Material, Layers, and Performance

The core material is one of the most important parts of any metal cookware, especially in the case of multi-ply cookware. All-Clad continuously experiments with new metals to fit the best core material in all of their multi-ply sets. Most of the All-Clad cookware pieces have multiple layers for a more even heat distribution.

Similarly, most of the All-Clad cookware uses stainless steel core material. Mostly because stainless steel brings durability, and it’s an economical choice too. The All-Clad D7 continues the use of stainless steel core with three layers of aluminum in the mix too. The aluminum core is one of the reasons that the D7 is the most forgiving cookware out there.

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On the other hand, the All-Clad Copper Core has copper as the core material. Now, as you know that copper is much more conductive than aluminum, so naturally the cooking with Copper Core will require some skill and expertise. The Copper Core pans and pots heat up much more quickly than the D7’s pieces. So, in terms of speed, the Copper Core has no match.

But, speed means that you have to be extra careful while cooking.

All-Clad say that the Copper Core suits the professional cooks more because they need the speed and they can handle the high temperatures. So, one thing becomes clear from the core material difference, if you want to enjoy your cooking process, you should go with the All-Clad D7 because it is more forgiving and gives you much more time and freedom.

Another difference is the number of bonded metal layers. The D7, as it says in the name, has seven layers; three aluminum and four stainless steel layers. The Copper Core set, on the other hand, has five; two stainless steel, one aluminum, and one copper layer. These manufacturing differences make a lot of difference to the cooking performance.

Sets and Pieces

The Copper Core gives a lot more options to buyers than the All-Clad D7 does. As we mentioned in the specs table, there are only FOUR D7 cooking pots and pans. On the other hand, the Copper Core has three different set options and a lot more pieces as well. The difference in the number of accessories will, of course, affect the price too.

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The All-Clad D7 costs much less than the All-Clad Copper Core. Again we would say that for house use, the D7 provides you the needed accessories and saves money. However, for a professional kitchen, the D7 will not be a very good choice.

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All Clad D7 Vs Copper Core Similarities

Along with some significant differences in construction, performance, and price, there are some similarities between the two sets too. Let’s take a closer look at these similarities too, so you know about each aspect of the All-Clad D7 vs Copper Core comparison before choosing one.

Exterior Surface

Even though there is a difference in the number of layers and the core materials of the All-Clad D7 and Copper Core, the exterior surface of both these sets is the same. On the bottom side, the All-Clad uses the magnetic 18/0 stainless steel and food-grade 18/10 stainless steel on the cooking surface.

The 18/0 magnetic stainless steel is so popular for a lot of reasons; it costs less, and it ensures an even and fast distribution of heat all over the cooking accessory. It is also easier to clean and much more durable against direct heat than other materials. Similarly, the 18/10 food-grade stainless steel of the cooking surface also enhances the cooking performance, makes the pans and pots corrosion-free, and eliminates the need for a non-stick coating.

So, when you compare the final results of D7 vs Copper Core, the taste and texture of the food are quite similar. The major difference is the speed of cooking.

Other Features

There are plenty of other minor similarities in design too. For instance, both the D7 and Copper Core have a polished stainless steel exterior finish. All the accessories of the D7 and Copper Core have flared rims for easy and spill-free serving.

The pans and pots of All-Clad D7 and Copper Core come with high-quality stainless steel lids and have riveted stainless steel handles for easy ad sturdy handling. Lastly, both the cookware sets come with a limited lifetime warranty. But, there is very little chance that you will end up using the warranty any time soon because All-Clad stainless steel cookware sets are high-quality and durable that will last for years, provided you take good care of the pans and the pots.


We don’t think we need to clarify any more about which one out of the D7 and Copper Core is our favorite after this extensive comparison. We do not have any bias towards the Copper Core, but the fact is that it is superior to the All-Clad D7 in almost every aspect except for budget-friendly.

But we will say this- if you are a novice cook and are looking for an entry-level stainless steel cookware set, the D7 will suit you better. You can master the cooking skills on the D7 and then buy the Copper Core after a few years. Because diving straight into the Copper Core won’t be a good idea.

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