All Clad C4 Vs Copper Core Comparison 2023

When it comes to premium and high end cookware, all clad is the gold standards. And in this review and buying guide, we will be figuring out the difference between All Clad C4 Vs Copper Core just so you know what the differences, similarities are; the features both cookware sets have to offer and if the products are worth the price.

All Clad C4 Vs Copper Core

Before we start with the comparison, it is vital to explain why all-clad has unmatched cooking performance and what makes their products stand out from the rest. All clad manufacture the stainless steel cookware by bonding an exterior layer of stainless steel with a core layer of aluminum or copper. The exterior layer of stainless steel offers the durability while the aluminum or copper core offers fastest heat conductivity and results in even cooking. This multi-layered construction was invented in the 1970s and attracted nothing but praise ever since.

So now that we know how and why all-clad products are considered high-end and durable, let’s get back to our main topic which is All Clad C4 Vs Copper Core! Let’s get the basic idea from the comparison chart!

All Clad C4 Vs Copper Core Comparison and Buying Guide

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Since we are here to understand how the two cookware sets are different in terms of construction, design, material, and cooking performance, let us see what the differences between the two cookware sets are!

All clad C4 Vs Copper Core Differences

Number of Layers

All clad C4 is made of 4 layers of copper and stainless steel with copper making the exterior layer and stainless steel making its cooking surface. On the other hand, the all clad copper core consists of 5 layers with stainless steel making the exterior and cooking surface, two layers of aluminum inside with a copper layer right in the middle.


The all clad C4 has a higher portion of copper which makes it more reactive to temperature variations. As fast as it heats, it cools down quickly too.

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On the other hand, the all clad copper core retains more heat thanks to dual layer of aluminum having a copper layer in the middle. So all clad copper core tends to change temperature slower than the C4.

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Both all clad C4 and all clad copper core are brilliantly designed. The C4 has a polished copper body while the lids are made out of stainless steel and so are the handles. On the contrary, stainless steel is prominent and dominates the look of all clad copper core cookware set. There is an exposed band of copper right above the base of pots which looks different in a positive way. All in all, both the cookware sets have somewhat similar design except the difference in the exterior as states above.

What’s in the package?

The beautiful premium all clad C4 cookware set consists of 5 pieces which include 8 inch frying pan, a 2 quart covered sauce pan, and a 3 quart covered sauté pan. The covers are considered a piece while counting.

The all clad copper core comes in 7 piece, 10 piece, and 14 piece set. The 10 piece set includes 8 & 10 in frying pans, 2 Qt & 3 Qt covered saucepans, 3 Qt covered sauté pan, & 8 Qt covered stockpot. The C4 weighs approximately 17 lbs and the copper core 10 piece set weighs about 32 lbs.


In case of all-clad C4 the copper exterior has another issue that you will have to tackle. The copper needs high maintenance, it will tarnish and turn dull over time and that’s where you have to act and polish the cookware as and when required to maintain its shiny look. Some people complain and think the cookware is defective when it is not the case. Copper turning dull is a natural process and if you are not ready for the hand-washing, regular polishing and maintenance we’d advise you to go for copper core!

Copper Core on the other hand, is dishwasher safe and the exterior is not as venerable as of C4. It will neither turn dull nor get patina on the exterior like the all-clad C4.

All Clad C4 Vs Copper Core The Similarities

Quality Material

To maintain a permanent presence in the market and retain the market share, it is utmost important to supply what is advertised. Some manufacturers – in order to cut the manufacturing cost- just add a disc of copper at the bottom instead of adding a layer throughout the pot.

All-clad however adds layers of copper and aluminum between the two stainless steel sheets and uses the material to construct the entire pan. It means the material quality at the bottom or at the top will be the same no matter if you choose all clad C4 or Copper Core.

Cooking Surface

Stainless steel makes the most durable cooking surfaces. It doesn’t scratch, it doesn’t leave weird smell or taste in the food and above all it is super easy to maintain. All clad C4 and All clad copper core, both cookware sets have stainless steel cooking surfaces for dependable cooking experience and above all, it doesn’t require much maintenance however, since All clad C4 has a copper exterior, it surely does require a lot of care and maintenance.

Copper layer included

When it comes to the cost, copper is one of the most expensive metals and its thermal conductivity outperforms every other metal that is used to manufacture pots and pans. Both all clad C4 and All clad copper core include copper cores so you can experience the rapid and even heat conductivity for amazing cooking results.

Handle and lid assembly

Both the cookware sets have riveted stainless steel handles, amazingly designed for smooth and comfortable grip. The handles do not heat up on a stovetop so you won’t burn your hands accidently. The handles are super comfortable to move it on the stove, or pour the food into the dishes.

Country of Origin

All Clad cookware sets are entirely manufactured in the United States of America.


All the products from all-clad are covered by a limited lifetime warranty which means the warranty will only cover the defects in material or craftsmanship. Any damage occurred due to the user’s negligence will not be entertained.

All Clad C4 Pros and Cons

  • Superb heat conductivity
  • Beautifully designed
  • Comfortable handle grip
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy to wash
  • Incredible cooking performance
  • A lot of Maintenance required
  • Regular polish required
  • Very expensive

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All Clad Copper Core Pros and Cons

  • Fast and even heat conductivity
  • Well designed
  • Durable handle design
  • Stay cool handles
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Amazing cooking performance
  • Expensive

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Deciding between two cookware sets is a challenge especially when both the sets belong to premium and high-end category of cookware sets. However, there is always something based on you would prefer one product over the other. In case of All clad C4 Vs Copper Core both have distinct features that you might be looking for.

All clad C4 reacts to temperature variation pretty fast which means you are in control of cooking performance. The set is super durable with lifetime limited warranty. The copper exterior is different which makes your kitchen look unique and elegant. But on the other hand it needs a lot of maintenance and care. You need constant polishing otherwise it dulls with the passage of time because that’s how copper pots and pans work. They are very demanding when it comes to maintenance and further, the C4 is not dishwasher safe in case you are wondering.

For All clad copper core, it does react to temperature changes super quick too. It is as durable as all clad C4 and it comes with lifetime limited warranty as well. The advantage copper core has over C4 is that it is easy to maintain thanks to stainless steel interior and exterior. All clad copper core cookware set is dishwasher safe so you don’t have to worry about cleaning also, it is super comfortable to hand-wash the pots. The set is compatible with induction stoves and you got options to choose 7 piece, 10 piece, and 14 piece set as per your cooking preferences.

Further, the all clad copper core is very less expensive compared to all clad C4 which comes with a hefty price tag. The point is, unless you simply want Copper exterior C4, we recommend going for all clad copper core. It is as dependable, durable, well performing as C4 so why spend extra bucks?

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On the other hand, no matter you choose C4 or Copper core you will never be disappointed because all clad manufacture some of the best cookware sets there are!