Vitamix 7500 Vs E320 Comparison 2023

Powerful blenders and food processors are the need of every kitchen now. Not just to make drinks like smoothies and milkshakes and whatnot but also to process various foods and prepare different ingredients for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks. With a good quality blender, you can prepare things like pizza dough, cookie dough, various sauces, and purees to make the perfect recipes.

When it comes to blenders and food processors, Vitamix is one of the most popular and highly-rated brands, along with Ninja. The secret to Vitamix’s success lies in innovation. Where most brands are content with using the same technology in the majority of their products, Vitamix continuously innovates and upgrades its products.

Vitamix 7500 Vs E320

The two blenders we are comparing in this article, the Vitamix 7500 vs E320, are a clear indication of this. These two otherwise similar blenders have some subtle but effective differences, which makes one of them that much better than the other. We will tell you about every little detail of these blenders and discuss the differences as well.

With the help of this comparative article of Vitamix E320 vs 7500, you will be able to choose the better blender and food processor out of these two for your kitchen. So, let’s get going.

Vitamix 7500 Vs E320 Comparison and  Buying Guide

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As you can see in the table, the Vitamix 7500 vs E320 are quite similar blenders. The build material, the blades, and even the functions are quite similar. However, there is one clear difference between the two, the motor type. Even though both blenders have the same horsepower motors, the Vitamix 7500 uses a new generation motor.

If you think that won’t make too much difference, you are wrong. The new generation motor has quite an impact on the performance of the Vitamix 7500 as well as on its price. Let’s take a closer look at all the aspects of both these blenders before we give our final verdict about the Vitamix 7500 vs E320 comparisons.

Power and Performance

Looking at the comparison table, you would think that because both blenders have similar motors and power, both the Vitamix 7500 and E320 will provide the same performance as well. However, that’s not the case. Even though the specs are the same, the Vitamix 7500 has a better overall performance than the E320.

The reason for that is the new and better motor in the Vitamix 7500. The new generation 2.2 horsepower motor of the Vitamix 7500 generates more power and more speed. More power and more speed mean better blending with more speed. So blending and grinding with the Vitamix 7500 provides consistent results without leaving big food chunks in your drinks.

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That doesn’t mean the Vitamix E320’s performance is bad. It’s just that in comparison to Vitamix 7500, the E320 just doesn’t give the same results. For example, if you are making a banana milkshake, using the Vitamix E320 will take longer than the Vitamix 7500 to make a consistent milkshake without chunks or banana slices and ice.

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Another advantage of the Vitamix 7500’s new motor is the low noise. Blenders can be a noisy appliance, especially when grinding some big and hard ingredients at full speeds. The new generation model of the Vitamix 7500 handles the high speed and stubborn ingredients with ease and doesn’t make loud annoying noises.

On the other hand, the Vitamix E320 with the classic motor will get louder and louder as you increase the speeds. The power bases of both these blenders are similar as well. The Vitamix 7500 has a 1440 watt power base, and the Vitamix E320 has a 1464 watt power base. You can see that the noisy one has more power too.

One thing that’s common among both these power bases is the safety features. Both blenders have cooling fans in the power bases to prevent overheating. If they do somehow end up overheating, the auto shut down feature powers down the blender to protect the user as well as save the blender from getting damaged. These safety features not only keep the user safe but also prolong the life of the blenders.

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The Vitamix 7500 and the Vitamix E320 both come with similar accessories and extra goodies, but the 7500 comes with a couple more than the E320. Both the Vitamix 7500 and E320 come with a 64-ounce low-profile container, a specially designed tamper, and a recipe book with different drinks, sauces, and soup ideas.

The low-profile container keeps the height of the blender manageable, so it fits your kitchen counter without compromising on the capacity. The power base of both these blenders is also carefully designed to make sure they don’t take too much space, whether you decide to keep it out on the kitchen counter or store it in the cabinet after every use.

The tamper is another important accessory, and it’s a good thing that you get one with both these blenders. If you take a look at Ninja blenders, they come with a stack blade design which is enough to hold the ingredients down for better blending. Vitamix, however, sticks with the classic bottom blade design, so a tamper is kind of a must-have.

There is, however, one benefit of choosing the Vitamix 7500, which is that you get two bonus gifts; a starting guide and a DVD that will teach you each and every function of the Vitamix 7500 blender along with lots of other tips and tricks on how to use and maintain the blender for as long as possible.


Another aspect that is exactly the same on both Vitamix 7500 and E320 is the control panel. There are two switches for start/stop and pulse function and one knob to control the speeds starting from ONE to TEN. All in all, the controls are fairly straightforward and easy to use on both these blenders. Even if you face some problems at the start, the user manuals are very easy to understand.

All the major brands have turned towards a digital control system with either buttons or a touchpad control panel, but Vitamix is still on an analog system. We think they should switch to a digital panel, but clearly, their customers don’t seem to mind, so they are sticking with it for now.


The one thing that we really like about both these blenders is how easy they are to clean afterward. You can and should clean your blenders after every use; otherwise, residue can build up on the blades, affecting the performance of the blenders. Thankfully, both the Vitamix 7500 and E320 have a self-cleaning feature.

All you have to do is put in some water and dish soap in the container and turn the blender on, and within a minute, the blender will clean itself automatically. If you want to clean these blenders manually, that is pretty easy as well. The plastic container cleans easily with a soft sponge. The stainless steel blades are also easy to remove from the power base for a thorough cleanup.

Vitamix 7500 Vs E320 Key Differences

There are two main differences between the Vitamix 7500 and E320 that make the Vitamix 7500 a better option than the E320, but there is one more aspect that might change your decision. First, let’s talk about the two differences.

New Generation Vs Classic Motor

Even though both Vitamix 7500 and Vitamix E320 use the same 2.2 horsepower motors, the Vitamix 7500 has a new generation motor. The new generation motor means more power, more speed, and much less noise than the classic motors. So, if you don’t want to use a noisy blender anymore, you now have an option that delivers great results with much less noise than other blenders.

Cooling System

Both the Vitamix 7500 and Vitamix E320 have a very good cooling system to make sure they keep running for when you have to prepare a lot of drinks for a lot of guests. However, the Vitamix 7500 has a much better Radical Cooling Fan. When you push the Vitamix E320 too much, it will eventually overheat and shut down. The Vitamix 7500, on the other hand, can handle the heat very well. Even running continuously for long times, it won’t overheat or shut down.


The better motor and the better cooling system mean the Vitamix 7500 has a higher price than the Vitamix E320. The extra bucks that you will be paying for the Vitamix 7500 are totally worth it if you ask us. Just by paying about $100 extra bucks, you get better performance, less noise, and an overall very good blender from the same brand. However, if you are on a strict budget, the Vitamix E320 is a very good option as well.


To sum it all up, you have two very good blenders in the form of Vitamix 7500 and Vitamix E320 from a very popular brand. They both offer great performance, but the Vitamix 7500 is a bit better than the Vitamix E320. As a result, it costs more too. So, if you are not on a budget and only want the best blender for your kitchen, we suggest buying the Vitamix 7500.

If you can deal with the noise and a little less power, the Vitamix E320 isn’t a bad option either, and it will cost less too. So, in the end, the final decision will be yours, but we will just say the last time that the Vitamix 7500 is a better option!

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