Fire HD 8 7th Generation Vs 8th Generation 2023

With the continuous increase in demand for new and portable productivity and entertainment devices, it seems like everyone is jumping in to get their share of the market. Even the biggest e-commerce platform in the world, Amazon, has a series of successful and popular tablets by the name of Amazon Fire HD.

The Amazon Fire HD tablets are a budget-friendly substitute for the more expensive tablets from some of the leading global brands. Fire HD tablets are cheap, have more than decent features, and are quite durable as well. The main thing to focus on here is the price. Where most tablets will cost you over $500, the Amazon Fire series caps at $200. Some of the latest models are even cheaper, but somehow, they still keep all the major features intact.

Fire HD 8 7th Generation Vs 8th Generation

Today, we are going to compare two different generations of the Amazon Fire HD 8. The Fire HD 8 7th Generation Vs 8th Generation. The 7th Generation came out in the year 2017, and the 8th Generation rolled out in mid-2018. The purpose of this comparison is to help you decide which of these two tablets is better for you.

Both are very good devices with their pros and cons, and we will say that whether you buy the 2017 model or the 2018 model, it’s a good choice. However, since you are looking for a detailed comparison, that is what we will give you. We will start with a specs comparing chart and then move towards their separate reviews, so you know everything about these two tablets and can buy the right one.

Fire HD 8 7th Generation Vs 8th Generation Comparison

Apart from a couple of minor differences, you can see that the 7th and the 8th generation of the Fire HD 8 tablet are essentially the same. Comparing the Fire HD 8 7th generation Vs 8th generation, the only upgrade the 8th generation gets is the newer OS version. And there is a decrease in the battery life from the previous version.

So, the comparison chart kind of backs up our claim that no matter which model you buy, they both are great choices. But, we won’t just generalize all the aspects and leave you in a confused state of mind. We took a closer look at both these tablets, and we are going to share our hands-on review on both of these devices with you as well.

So, let’s start with the Fire HD 8 7th Generation.

Fire HD 8 7th Generation Review

The thing with the 7th generation Fire HD 8 is that it is the older model. No matter how good a device was when it came out, it does get outdated when new models come along. Even if the newer model isn’t too different, people still want the latest device. The Fire HD 8 7th generation is the perfect depiction of this rule.

Even though the Fire HD 8 7th generation is not much different from its predecessor, the Fire HD 8 6th generation, people still switched to the 7th generation as soon as it came out. Maybe it’s just the feel of a new device, or maybe people don’t pay as much attention to the specs as we do.

Let’s see what the Fire HD 8 7th generation really offers to its users and whether you should go for it or not.

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One thing that the Amazon Fire HD tablets lack, barring a few latest models, is an attractive design. All the Fire HD 8 models follow a very basic design; an 8-inch screen tablet with not-so-thin bezels. But, considering the price we are paying for it, we can’t expect a tablet that looks like the iPad or the Huawei tablets, or even Samsung Tabs.

Even though Amazon doesn’t really pay too much attention to beauty, they do care about durability, and very much so. The plastic tablet won’t damage easily, even if you “accidentally” drop it several times. So, if you have kids who will be using your tablet a lot, you don’t have to worry about going to the repair amazon every week or buying a new tablet every month.

Amazon did put a bit of thought into keeping the design as minimal as possible. Instead of cluttering ports and buttons on every side, they fit most of those things on the top. The USB port, the power button, the volume rocker, and even the mic are on the top side. On the right, you get a microSD port, and on the left are the two speakers. Overall the tablet has a neat look.


The Fire HD 8 7th generation is not a high-performing device that will let you do graphic design, or editing, or heavy-duty gaming. It’s a light tablet that excels in casual productivity, internet surfing, and some light gaming. With the MediaTek 1.3 GHz processor, it allows smooth and speedy usage, even when multi-tasking.

The 1.5GB RAM can runs all the applications quickly and smoothly, and switching between applications is fairly quick as well. However, the tablet starts to slow down if you put it under too much pressure. Opening too many web pages while listening to music in the background and then switching between browser, music player, and other apps makes the laptop feels sluggish at times.

Fire HD tablets are mainly for reading, watching movies, and enjoying some casual games, and the 7th generation tablet does all that very well. The 1280 x 800 8-inch display screen provides above-average picture quality, and the display is bright enough to make sure everything is visible even under the sun.

The best aspect is the long battery life. Just like the Fire HD 8 6th generation, the 7th generation also provides a 12 hours battery life. So, if you will be traveling or attending classes all day long, the Fire HD 8 7th generation will be your entertainment partner all day long, without tying you to an electric outlet.


  • Very cheap.
  • Durable and sturdy build.
  • Long battery life.
  • Expandable storage.
  • Comes with Alexa support.
  • Does not come with Google Framework.


The Fire HD 8 7th generation is not a powerhouse. If you are looking for a tablet that you can use to manage your business, this isn’t that type of a tablet. But, if you want a tablet for casual use like reading, movie watching, or youtube surfing, this is a very affordable option. Apart from that, this makes the best entry-level tablet for kids too.

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Fire HD 8 8th Generation Review

With the Fire HD 8 8th generation, you get all the features of the Fire HD 8 7th generation with a couple of upgrades and one disappointing downgrade too. We will discuss both the upgrades and the downgrades in detail in our review below. One thing is for sure the Fire HD 8 8th generation is not a significant upgrade from the Fire HD 8 7th generation.

Specs like RAM, storage, and processor are the same, so performance is only slightly better due to the new operating system. But, some software upgrades make it a better choice than the Fire HD 8 7th generation. So, give a read to the review to decide whether you think the same or not.

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We aren’t going to bore you with the same stuff we said about Fire HD 8 design in the above review. The overall design and build quality of the Fire HD 8 8th generation is the same as that of the Fire HD 8 7th generation. The quality of material used, the size of the screen, the position of the ports, speakers, and buttons, everything is exactly the same.

One difference, however, is the color choices. The Fire HD 8 8th generation comes in four different colors; Yellow, Black, Blue, and Red. Other changes are only in terms of performance and features, which we will talk about in the below heading.


As you can see from the comparison chart, the hardware of the Fire HD 8 8th generation is exactly the same as the Fire HD 8 7th generation. But, the software is a bit different. The 7th generation has a mix of Android lollipop and Fire OS, whereas the 8th generation has the newer Android and Fire OS version.

The upgrade to the operating system does fine-tune some aspects of the Fire HD 8 tablet, like handling multi-tasking and app switching in a better and smoother way, removing certain bugs and malware from the device, and improving other aspects too. In comparison to the 2017 mode, the 2018 model feels more quick and snappy to use.

The biggest upgrade is to Alexa. In the previous generations, you had to press and hold the home button to wake up and give instructions to Alexa. The Fire HD 8 8th generation debuts what Amazon calls the Show Mode, where you can talk to Alexa without having to press buttons. You might think it’s not a big deal, but for some people, it is a huge upgrade.

Another upgrade in performance is the better front-facing camera. The previous generations had a VGA camera, but the 8th generation gets a 2-megapixel front camera for a better picture when video calling. It’s not an HD camera, but is definitely an improvement.

The battery’s performance of the Fire HD 8 8th generation is what disappoints us. The new models should be getting a better battery life or at least maintain the same as the previous models, but the Fire HD 8 2018 model’s battery life decreases by 2 hours. 10 hours battery life is still pretty solid, but not as good as 12 hours.

  • Show mode for hands-free Alexa use.
  • Budget-friendly tablet.
  • Storage expandable up to 400GB.
  • Available in kid’s edition.
  • FOUR different color options.
  • Better video and audio, thanks to Dolby.
  • Decrease in battery life.

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The Fire HD 8 8th generation tablet is a very popular choice for families due to its rugged and strong build. Not everyone is careful while using their mobile devices, but the 8th generation Fire HD 8 can withstand a lot of abuse. The audio and video quality, which is better than the predecessors, is also a big selling point for the 8th gen tablet. The kid’s edition is a plus point as well.


Choosing one winner in the Fire HD 8 7th generation Vs 8th Generation comparison is a difficult task. In the end, it all becomes a matter of preference. Whether you prefer longer battery life or newer software versions. Whether you prefer hands-free Alexa or button-activated Alexa. Things like these don’t seem too important, but while using the device, they make a lot of difference.

All things considered, we would suggest going for the Fire HD 8 8th generation. It offers better overall performance than the 7th gen. However, you will have to suffice with less battery time.