10 Best Triple Monitor Stand for Sim Racing 2023

NOW when you have your dream setup with 3 monitors you realize that you have no room on your desk for anything else. Cables, mouse, keyboard, sticky notes and other accessories scattered all over. That was not sure your dream was it? We are here to provide you a solution to that i.e. a triple monitor stand.

Best Triple Monitor Stand for Sim Racing Reviews and Buying GuideTriple Monitor Mount

In this article we will explain to you what points you should consider while buying the Best Triple Monitor Stand for Sim Racing and we will also explore and review some of the best triple monitor mounts for Sim Racing available out there.

1. Mount it! Triple Monitor Mount

Mount it! The triple monitor stand is one of the only stands which come with the integrated cable management system. It fits 3 monitors of 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 and 32 inches in size. Each arm can support up to 15.4 pounds of weight using a 75×75 or 100x100mm square bolt hole pattern on the back of the monitors. Mount it! Triple monitor stand features spring arms for easy adjustment. It also has a USB 3.0 port, an audio port and extension cables for each. The built in cable management system helps to keep the cable mess out of sight. The stand is made of heavy-duty steel and aluminum alloy that makes it durable and long-lasting. It comes with two installation options, C clamps and grommet base mounts for desktop (up to 4 inches wide).

Mount-It! Triple Monitor Mount | Desk Stand with USB...
  • UNIVERSAL TRIPLE MONITOR DESK MOUNT: Fits 3 displays 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 inches in size, with...
  • FEATURES: Triple monitor stand has counter-balanced gas spring arms for effortless adjustments and...

The monitor stand arms can tilt 90 degrees up and down, swivel 360 degrees left and right, raise and lower. You can rotate a monitor place it in portrait or landscape orientation without changing the orientation of other monitors. The height of central monitor can be adjusted without any tool just by turning the mount bracket arm.

The Best Triple Monitor Stand for Sim Racing comes with all the required mounting hardware, tools, and instruction manual required to assemble the product. The product has a 5-year warranty as well.

Key Features and Specifications

  1. Brand: Mount it!
  2. Package Dimensions: 20.16×14.88×7.56 inches
  3. Material: Heavy Duty Steel
  4. Color: Silver

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2. MOUNTUP Triple Monitor Stand

This triple monitor stand from MOUNTUP can hold all three monitors steady and stable. It’s a combination of sturdiness and fancy design. The center pole is 17 inch tall that holds one monitor and can only be adjusted up and down. The side arms can be adjusted as high as 20 inches.
This Triple monitor stand can fit 13” to 27” LCD monitors (Flat or Curved) with a weight support of 17.6 pounds per arm. It is compatible with VESA 75×75 and 100x100mm.

MOUNTUP Triple Monitor Stand Mount - 3 Monitor Desk...
  • Universal Compatibility: Triple monitor stand perfectly fits most flat or curved LCD computer...
  • Articulating Triple Monitor Mount: The fully adjustable monitor arms can tilt ±35°, swivel ±90°,...

The two outer arms can tilt +-35 degrees, swivel +-90 degrees and support rotation +-180 degrees. The center monitor can be height adjusted independently of side monitors.
The triple monitor mount and stand is super easy to install with c clamp or grommet mount. VESA quick release panel lets you attach monitors easily. It will only take max 10 minutes from opening the box to using the monitor stand.
The heavy-duty monitor stand and pole design support 3 monitors and reclaim tons of extra space for you. The stand is equipped with an integrated cable management system to keep cable tucked in neatly without creating a mess on the table. Underneath the monitors, you can keep all your office accessories such as mouse, keyboard, papers, books, stapler, a tiny decorative plant, a decorative clock, pen holder and whatever else you wish to have on your desk. Because MOUNTUP do not let you worry about space, just enjoy gaming, working or creating content for hours without being uncomfortable due to eye, neck or back strain. Made of heavy duty steel, this strong and sturdy monitor stand keeps your triple monitor safe.

Key Features and Specifications:

  1. Brand: Mountup
  2. Product Weight: 16.61 lbs
  3. Package Dimensions: 15.6×12.7×6.7 inches
  4. Material: Heavy Duty Steel
  5. Color: Black

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3. WALI Triple Monitor Stand

WALI adjustable triple monitor stand and mount lifts the middle monitor higher than the other two side monitors. If you are troubled with less space on your desk, be worried no more because WALI triple monitor stand will help you reclaim the lost space and make your desk clutter free in addition to giving it a modern and fancy look overall.

WALI triple monitor stand and mount support most flat monitors up to 27 inches and each arm can support a weight of 22 pounds. Mount plates are detachable, height-adjustable, and compatible with VESA mount holes 75×75 and 100x100mm.

WALI Triple Monitor Desk Mount, Fully Adjustable Three...
  • Compatibility: Fits most flat panel monitor up to 27” and supports weight up to 22lbs per arm....
  • Multiple Options: Two-stage locking system C-Clamp and 4” diameter Grommet-Base, both systems are...

You can install it with C clamp or grommet easily because both the options are available in the stand. The stand arms can extend and retract +-15 degrees, tilt +-90 degrees and swivel to 360 degree from landscape to portrait orientation if you like so. The arm is easily adjustable on a 31.5 inches height pole. It allows you to use almost every inch of the desk because technically it is holding your triple monitor setup in the air. So you can keep your office accessories such as notepads, pens, stapler, book or gaming equipment such as Xbox, mouse, keyboard and whatever else you want to arrange on your desk. The integrated cable management system keeps your workspace free of cable mess and makes it look well arranged and professional. WALI triple monitor package will have 1 triple monitor mount, 1 mounting hardware kit, and a user manual.

Key features and specifications

  1. Brand: WALI
  2. Product Weight: 11.68 pounds
  3. Package Dimensions: 12×28.5×27 inches
  4. Color: Black
  5. Material: High Quality Steel

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4. WALI Free-Standing Triple Monitor Stand

Freestanding triple monitor stand as the name suggest is the most convenient setup for triple monitor users. It keeps all three monitors together aligned at all times.

WALI free-standing triple monitor stand supports most LCD, LED flat screen TVs and monitors up to 24”. Each arm can support weight up to 22 pounds. The mount plates are detachable, height-adjustable and compatible with VESA 75×75 or 100x100mm. The stand is equipped with two-stage lock system, a C clamp and 4” diameter grommet base that are compatible with 4 inches thick desk. The best thing about WALI free-standing monitor stand is, it can be placed on any desk without any installation.

WALI Triple Monitor Stand, Free Standing Three LCD...
  • Compatibility: WALI Triple Monitor Stand fits most LCD, LED flat screen TVs and monitors up to 27...
  • Multiple Options: Two-stage locking system Free Standing and 4” diameter Grommet-Base....

You can adjust the arm at the full height of 18”, the center monitor can be tilted +-45 degree, side monitors can be tilted +-90 degrees, and it can swivel to change the reading and viewing angles. It supports a rotation up to 360 degrees from landscape to portrait orientation. The installation does not require any extra tools and it only takes less than 15 minutes to get it ready to use.

WALI adjustable monitor stand provides you comfortable, ergonomically correct position to avoid neck, eye and back strain. The sturdy design is perfect for homes, dorms, schools, businesses, and offices. It helps you have a clutter-free work station and provide you ample space to properly manage your mouse, keyboard, notepads, sticky notes, decorative plant, or any other office accessories you might have on your table. The package includes a WALI free-standing triple monitor stand in black color, a mounting hardware kit, and a user manual.

Key Features and Specifications

  1. Brand: WALI
  2. Dimensions: 16x11x5 inches
  3. Color: Black
  4. Material: High Quality Steel
  5. Product Weight: 10 lbs

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5. VIVO Black Triple Monitor Stand

Sometimes a great performing monitor stand will not have a great design but this triple monitor stand from VIVO is a perfect combination of sturdiness and great design.

High-quality steel and aluminum construction let this strong device easily support 3 monitors with each arm supporting an impressive 22 pounds of weight.

VIVO Black Triple Monitor Mount Freestanding Desk Stand...
  • Solid Construction - High-grade steel and aluminum construction allow this sturdy stand to easily...
  • Full Motion - Fully adjustable arms offering -90° to +90° tilt, 180° swivel, and 360° rotation...

The arms are fully adjustable and offer +-90 degree tilt, 180-degree swivel, and it can be rotated to 360 degrees for perfect reading and viewing angle. The VIVO stand is designed to support monitors from 13 to 24” in size with VESA 75×75 or 100x100mm mounting holes. The VESA plates can easily be removed which makes mounting an easy and quick process. The stand has elegant and optimal support for your monitors and the bottom has padding to safeguard the table surface from scratches. The bottom support keeps the monitors stable and safe while you work. VIVO Black monitor stand is made of high-quality steel and aluminum that makes it sturdy, long-lasting and durable.

The integrated cable management system allows you to keep all the cables hidden and makes the desk look nice and clean. The triple monitor mount is designed to provide you maximum space to keep your things organized on the desk such as mouse, keyboard, papers, books, mobile phone or any other office and work accessories. The package includes an instruction manual, a stand and hardware required for assembly.

NOTE: please do not pull the monitors too far forward or backward unless it is bolted else it will make it unstable.

Key Features and Specifications

  1. Brand: VIVO
  2. Color: Black
  3. Dimensions: 27.6×11.7×6.8 inches
  4. Material: Steel and Aluminum
  5. Weigh Capacity: 22 lbs per arm

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6. HUANUO Triple Monitor Stand

This triple monitor stand from HUANUO can hold three monitors up to 22 pounds each. The adjustable, sturdy and high-quality monitor stand is a free-standing monitor stand with no installation or fixing required but if it doesn’t work properly you can use its grommet mounting installation option as well that enhances the stability of the stand and monitors while you work. The freestanding base enables you to move the stand easily between multiple work desks.

HUANUO Triple Monitor Stand, Free Standing Three...
  • Fits 3 13" To 24" Screens Monitor- This triple monitor stand fitting 3 computer monitors 13" to 24"...
  • Articulation & Height Adjustment - Full Adjustable arm of this 3 monitor stand offers...

HUANUO triple monitor stand supports 3 monitors from 13” to 24” in size and it is compatible with VESA 75x75mm and 100x100mm. It can hold flat and curved LCD, LED display monitors up to 22 pounds. The arms allow you to tilt, swivel and rotate your monitors for better view and ergonomics. The base is constructed with solid steel (11.8”x13.8”) and has an underside padding to protect the desk surface from unwanted scratches.

The integrated cable management system helps remove the mess often created by the cables. The stand helps you save ample space to store and manage office accessories such as a mouse, keyboard, headphones, papers, books and other items. A clutter free, well-arranged work space looks elegant thanks to HUANUO triple monitor stand.

Key Features and Specifications

  1. Brand: HUANUO
  2. Product Weight: 13.27 Pounds
  3. Dimensions: 17.6×12.2×4.8 inches
  4. Load Capacity: 22 pounds per arm
  5. Material: High Grade Steel
  6. Color: Black

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7. LANGRIA 3 Monitor Mount Arm, Freestanding Monitor stand

Most of the triple monitor stand comes with a base that looks the same but, LANGRIA triple monitor stand comes with a distinctive glossy black finish base makes it stylish and desirable than the other monitor stands in the market. LANGRIA triple Monitor stand is a perfect stand that makes your workplace comfortable, healthier and more ergonomic. It can hold 3 monitors without swaying and wobbling. The adjustable arms offer you 45-degree tilt, 360 swivel and 360 degree rotation to get the perfect viewing angle, height and distance.

LANGRIA 3 Monitor Mount Arm Desk Freestanding...
  • 3 ARMS: this triple desktop monitor mount holds three PC monitors(size from 15'' to 27'', weight up...
  • FULLY ARTICULATED: the 2 VESA brackets on the sides tilt 45° up and down and can rotate 360° to...

The perfect viewing angles help you relieve fatigue, eye strain, back pain and enhance productivity by providing you an ultimate and comfortable working platform.

The extendable and adjustable arms hold 3 monitors weighing up to 17.6 lbs each. The sturdy design will not give you any issues when it comes to stability and safety. Solid base stands steady holding all your three monitors and will not move while you work.

The assembly part is effortless, will only take less than 15 minutes to have it ready on your table. It is compatible with VESA 75x75mm and 100x100mm. The integrated cable management system conceals all your cables under the monitor for a nice and clean, organized and clutter free desk with ample space to keep your office accessories in order.

Key features and specifications

  1. Brand: LANGRIA
  2. Material: High Quality Steel
  3. Color: Glossy Black
  4. Dimensions: 55.9x20x15.7 inches
  5. Product weight: 17 pounds
  6. Load Capacity: 22 Pounds / arm

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8. AVLT Triple Monitor Arm Desk Mount

AVLT triple monitor stand desk mount is the most configurable monitor stand available in the market. It has a 22.1 inch tall center pole and the side arms are extendable to 27.1 inch, that s very flexible. The center mount stays at the same position except it can be tilted up and down. The stand has two mounting options, C-clamp and grommet. Each mount can support a monitor weighing up to 15.4 pounds and it is compatible with VESA 75x75mm and 100x100mm. The monitors can be adjusted through arm extension, arm tilt, landscape or portrait rotation. AVLT monitor stand supports monitor size from 13” to 27”.

AVLT Triple 13"-27" Monitor Arm Desk Mount fits Three...
  • 【FITS 13" TO 27" SCREEN】Triple monitor desk mount fits most of flat/curved computer monitors up...
  • 【SAVE VALUABLE SPACE】Heavy-duty metal base only take up 5.7" x 4.3" desk surface. The c-clamp...

AVLT does the following for you:

  1. Makes installation pretty easy.
  2. Two mounting options free ample space to keep office accessories.
  3. Elevates the monitors to perfect ergonomic view.
  4. Helps reduce muscle strain.
  5. Place your monitor in portrait or landscape orientation.
  6. Integrated cable management system conceals the cable out of your sight.

A well arranged, professional-looking desk is what AVLT triple monitor stand and mount provide you.

Key features and specifications

  1. Brand: AVLT
  2. Color: Black
  3. Product weight: 16.7 pounds
  4. Dimensions: 21.85×15.55×4.53 inches
  5. Material: High Quality Steel
  6. Load Capacity: 15.4 pounds per arm

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9. SLYPNOS Triple Monitor Desk Mount Stand

Get SLYPNOS triple monitor desk mount stand for better user experience and productivity while watching TV, playing games or doing your office work. It holds three screens up to 27 inches each to deliver you an excellent view. It is cheaper than any other monitor stand but it gives you better services. SLYPNOS stand comes with C clamp assembly and will only take less than 15 minutes to get it ready for action.

SLYPNOS Triple Monitor Desk Mount Stand with C-Clamp...
  • ★【BETTER PRODUCTIVITY AND USER EXPERIENCE】: holds 3 monitors up to 27” each in a flat...
  • ★【MULTIPLE ADJUSTMENTS】: switch between landscape and portrait modes effortlessly; you can...

Its durable design is compatible with VESA 75x75mm and 100x100mm and can support a weight of 17.6 pounds per arm. The integrated cable management system hides the cable away from your site providing a nice and clean view. With SLYPNOS you will get ample space to keep your things in order such as mouse, keyboard, gaming equipment, office accessories or anything you want to arrange on your desk.  The stand is fabricated with cold rolled steel that makes it durable, and its sturdy design enables it to hold all 3 monitors stably and safely.

Key Features and Specifications

  1. Brand: SLYPNOS
  2. Material: Cold rolled steel
  3. Color: Black
  4. Dimensions: 31.89×9.76×5.12 inches
  5. Product weight: 14.01 lbs
  6. Load capacity: 17.6 lbs

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10. rgotron LX Freestanding Triple Monitor Stand

If you want to keep things professional and wish nothing to do with additional mounting and modifications to your desk, Ergotron LX triple monitor stand is an excellent choice.

It consists of a single metal piece for all 3 VESA mounts and keeps the display parallel. The monitors can be raised and lowered on the track. The only drawback is that it’s massive and too big for one person to carry with all three monitors installed. It is compatible with 75x75mm and 100x100mm VESA mounts making assembly pretty convenient. The base is harmless to the desk.

Ergotron Triple Display Stand - Black
  • Monitors lift and tilt in tandem to maintain position integrity
  • Perfect for larger, dual widescreen LCDs

Other than perfectly ergonomic setting it provides you plenty of space to keep your stuff such as mouse, keyboard, laptop, CD box, papers, book or any other work or gaming accessories. It is perfect for you if you are a gamer or a programmer and the stylish design will compliment any décor you are using at your workplace or at home.

Key features and specifications

  1. Brand: Ergotron LX
  2. Material: High Quality Steel
  3. Product weight: 42.7 pounds
  4. Dimensions: 45.25x19x7.75 inches

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Advantages of Triple Monitor Stand

A triple monitor stand mounts 3 monitors simultaneously that makes it convenient for us to use three monitors in ergonomic settings. The question is why a triple monitor stand is useful for us? In case you are a programmer, streamer, gamer or office worker, we will explain why a triple monitor stand is advantageous to have.

Ease and Convenience

The incredible thing about the monitor stand is that it offers you great adjustability and you can tilt, move and adjust your monitor to any viewing angle as per your convenience. You can have one monitor in vertical view and the other two as horizontal if you require so. You will find it pretty comfortable that you can adjust all the monitors to any angle to avoid neck, eye, and back strain.


Switching between screens and applications is often annoying and irritating. With the triple monitor, stand saves you from trouble and you can work on different monitor screens without having to switch desks or screens and applications. It saves time as well because you will not have to deal with the freezing screen while switching or opening too many applications in one window. That ultimately will enhance your productivity.

Sophisticated and modern designs

Looking sophisticated and stylish is the new normal nowadays. So it not just provide a comfortable working environment but adds style to your work station.

Space Usage

More than one monitor sitting on a single desk will not let you have any space for your office supplies and accessories on your desk because you will be left with no or little space. A triple monitor stand lifts 3 monitors at a perfect height and provides you plenty of space to keep your things in order. You can place mouse, keyboard, books, papers, pins, stapler, or any other office accessories on your desk without making it look messy.

Cable Management System

Managing cables on the table is another issue we face every day. A lot of cable on table makes it a mess. But you don’t have to worry about that if you have a triple monitor stand. Most of the triple monitor stands come with integrated cable management system that hides your cables away from the sight behind the monitors. Who doesn’t like a nice, clean, well arranged, professional and perfect looking desk?

Best Triple Monitor Stand for Sim Racing Buying Guide

With multiple brands and products out in the market it’s not that easy to go and get one. One should have the perfect idea about what exactly is required. We have jotted down few points to guide you if you are looking to buy a monitor stand.

Material and design

The design and material of the stand should be sturdy enough to hold all three monitors together safe and stable. Check the base of the monitor stand that adds stability to the stand. The arms should be designed so that you can move them easily without putting extra force.


An ideal viewing angle is perfect and healthy to avoid back, neck and eye strain and provide a comfortable working environment that ultimately improves productivity. Don’t buy a stand if its not easily adjustable to get a perfect viewing and reading angle.

Load Capacity

Load capacity is how much weight a monitor stand can support per arm. If you are going to have heavier monitors you should consider a sturdy monitor stand with a higher load capacity.


We have brought you the best quality monitor stands with amazing features such as height adjustment, tilting and rotating to adjust your screen as you please and feel comfortable. These monitor stands are designed to compliment any décor and setting, fabricated with premium quality raw material for durability. You can compare one product with the other to have an idea to understand what exactly you are looking for. But with our guide you will for sure get the product of your dream that will provide you a comfortable working, gaming, and streaming environment.

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