Canon TS8320 Vs TS9120 Comparison 2022

All-in-one printers are getting more and more common for everyday use in houses and offices alike. They are compact, don’t cost too much, and their running cost is fairly low. And printers are an important accessory now. A few years back, they were these bulky machines that were too pricey for everyone to buy.

But, with the increasing demand and the technological updates, printers have evolved very much. Now you will find printers at homes, schools, offices, and anywhere there is a paper to be printed. Moreover, the new all-in-one models offer the option of a scanner as well. For small offices and house use, these 2-in-1 printers and scanners are a perfect choice.

Canon TS8320 Vs TS9120 Comparison

In this article, we are going to compare two very good all-in-one printers from a highly rated brand. We are comparing the Canon TS8320 Vs TS9120, to decide which one is the better choice. Both these printers are great, but certain features make them best suited for a certain type of usage environment.

Canon TS8320 Vs TS9120 Comparison and Buying Guide

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You can see from the table that there isn’t too much difference between the two all-in-one printers. Features like ink technology, speeds, and connectivity are almost exactly the same. Similarly, the weight and dimensions of both Canon printers are the same too.

However, these are just some of the basic specs of both these printers. We will discuss the advanced specs and features in the reviews, which will help you better differentiate between the two printers.

Canon Pixma TS8320 Review

Canon TS8320 is a great all-in-one printer that is great for home and small office use. The lightweight inkjet printer has a small footprint, so it doesn’t require too much space in rooms. It works as your printer, scanner, and copier as well.

Along with light use, the Canon TS8320 is a great choice for photography enthusiasts. The SIX ink cartridge design can create a wide color gamut with vivid details. So, if you regularly have to print photographs, the Canon TS8320 is certainly worth your consideration.

Here is our detailed review of the Canon TS8320, so you can decide whether to go for it or not.

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The overall design of the Canon TS8320 is very sleek and compact. The straight lines and edges look minimalistic and make the printer look sleek. One great thing is that the TS8320 is available in THREE different colors. You can buy it in Black, Red, and White. Whether you want a printer for your office, your house, or your photography studio, the TS8320 has the looks for it.

The retractable paper trays and the folding control panel is what keeps the printer so compact. With all the paper trays retracted, the printer has dimensions of 14.6 x 12.5 x 5.5 inches. With all the paper input and output trays open, the depth increases to 24 inches, and the height increases to about 12 inches.

TS8320 careful design manages the things like connectivity ports and the control panel in a beautiful way. The 4.3-inch touch screen and the power button are the only two things at the front of the control panel. The touchscreen has separate buttons for the three functions. Once you select the mode, you can control the other settings. Overall, the touchscreen control system is easy to learn and use.

Right under the power button, there is an SD card reader slot that you can use to print documents or photos saved on your SD card. You can print your photos by taking the SD card out of the camera and straight into the printer without having to use your computer. Apart from that, there is only one USB port on the backside to connect your PC.

Because of the wide wireless connectivity capabilities, there aren’t too many ports on this printer. The small number of ports keep the design of the printer very clean-looking.


Since this is an all-in-one printer, we are going to discuss the performance of each of its functionality differently. We will discuss printing, scanning, and copying separately to give you a better idea of every aspect.


Because it is primarily a printer, it’s no surprise that the print quality is great. The TS8320 prints high-quality text documents, images, and photographs too. Thanks to the SIX cartridges, it is capable of creating every color with above-average accuracy.

The printing speed is what impressed us the most. We tried printing a five-page document filled with text. The TS8320 was able to print the document in just under 35 seconds. To put this into a better context, the TS8320 has a NINE pages per minute (ppm) print speed. Documents like PDF files and PowerPoint slides were faster to print in comparison to similar range printers. A five-page PDF document was ready in one and a half minutes.

The most impressive was the photograph printing speed, which left competitors in its trail. Our family photos were print in high resolutions, with a glossy finish inside TWO minutes. Similarly, duplex printing was pretty quick too. The TS8320 was able to duplex-print a five-page document within THREE minutes at a speed of 2.5 ppm.

All things considered, the print quality and speed were satisfactory, with photograph printing giving the best results.


Using the TS8320 as a scanner, we were able to scan important documents quickly and clearly. The TS8320 has a 2400 x 4800 dpi optical resolution, so with the highest settings, your scan will be high-definition, whether it’s text or image. Scan speeds were quick too. Scanning a color JPEG, the TS8320 took only 45 seconds.

But, black and white scans were slower than the competition. When we scanned a black and white PDF doc, it took over 15 seconds. It’s almost 4 seconds slower than the competition. Even Canon’s own TS9120 did the same scan within 7 seconds. So, the winner of Canon TS8320 Vs. TS9120, when it comes to scanning, is TS9120.


Copying speeds were similar to other all-in-one printers of the same price range. The TS8320 made a black and white copy in roughly FIFTEEN seconds. For a color copy, it took the TS8320 almost 24 seconds.

All things considered, the TS8320 provides a pretty solid speed and quality whether you choose to print, scan, or copy something. As we said at the start, the TS8320 provides the best performance in photo printing, and our tests proved the same.

  • Wide operating system compatibility.
  • Wireless interface.
  • Use with mobile phone apps and Alexa.
  • Print CD/DVD labels onto the disks.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Great for photo prints.
  • The ongoing ink cost is high.

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Canon Pixma TS9120 Review

At first glance, you won’t be able to differentiate the Canon TS8320 Vs. TS9120. The Canon TS9120 has the same quite a similar design and size as well. With minor changes to the design and major hardware changes, the TS9120 is a sort of upgrade of TS8320.

When we used the TS9120, we noticed that the performance was very good, and it would make the perfect choice for home use and light office use. With the same SIX cartridge design as the TS8320, the quality is the same, but the speeds are better because of the better hardware. We would even say that the TS9120 is one of the best all-in-one printers we have reviewed, and we have reviewed a lot of them.

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The design of the Canon TS9120 is similar to Canon TS8320. The weight, the dimensions, and the build style are practically the same. The TS9120 is a bit more stylish because of the accented finish on the top. The TS9120 also has THREE color options, Black, Grey, and Gold. The control panel is also at the same position, with a power button and a touchscreen. But, the touchscreen of TS9120 is bigger a 5 inches.

TS9120 doesn’t have too many ports too. There is one SD card reader slot on the front for direct printing out of the SD card. We don’t want to repeat ourselves, but the TS9120 has similar retractable paper trays on the front and the backside. So, instead of repeating the same things again and again, we would finish the design review by saying that the TS9120 is a bit sleeker and stylish than the TS8320, but the overall build quality, the ports, and the control panel are pretty much the same.


Even though the Canon TS8320 & TS9120 look similar, the performance is quite contrasting. The TS8320 was mid-range in every aspect, aside from photo printing. On the other hand, the TS9120 is the best in every aspect, apart from photo printing. Whether you look at black and white or color printing, scanning, or copying, the TS9120 provides the best-in-class performance.

The only department it lacks in is photo printing. The TS9120 just failed to bring the glossy and vivid finish to photo printing that the TS8320 brings. So, if photo printing is a major use for you, you might not like the performance of the TS9120, and the TS8320 is the better option out of these two.


When it comes to printing speeds, the TS9120 beats all of its competitors. The ELEVEN pages per minute text pages printing speed easily beat the TS8320 and any other printer of the same category. With color prints, including text and graphics, this printer was the fastest again- printing our six-page image and graphics mix file at 3.5 ppm.

The speed was not the only thing that the TS9120 was better at. The quality of the text and the colors of the graphics were very good too. Even photo printing speed was very fast, printing letter-size photo in just under TWO minutes. However, the quality of the photo was sub-par.

The TS9120 also supports duplex printing, but the duplex printing speed was slower than expected. A five-page double-sided print took two and a half minutes at 2.5 ppm speed.


Just like printing, the TS9120 had the fastest scanning speeds too. The TS9120 took only 36 seconds to scan a 600 dpi file. Even the more expensive competitor, the Epson all-in-one printer, took 40 seconds to scan the same file.

The color scan is the fastest in the category, so you can guess the result of the black and white scan. It was able to scan the hardcopy of this very review within a mere SEVEN seconds. We already said in the TS8320 review that the TS9120 is better at scanning, and this why we said that. The scanning speed isn’t too fast, but the difference in the quality of the scans is high. Documents and images scanned by the TS9120 were razor sharp.


While making copies, the TS9120 was not only faster than the TS8320, but it was faster than the majority of similar price all-in-one printers. Making a color copy of the user manual of TS9120 only took the printer merely SIXTEEN seconds. That’s about 11 seconds faster than the category average. Black and white copies were made even quickly, in only THIRTEEN seconds.

If speed is a priority, there isn’t a better choice than the TS9120. It’s faster at printing, scanning, and making copies. So, for office environments, the TS9120 is a better choice than the TS8320.

  • Fastest printer, scanner, and copier.
  • Supports all the printing apps.
  • Compatible with all operating systems.
  • Intuitive touchscreen control panel.
  • Low ongoing costs.
  • Not the best photo printer.

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Considering all the facts, features and performance, the Canon TS8320 Vs. TS9120 is a pretty even affair. They both have the same level of compatibility, can work in all sorts of setups. Both are all-in-one printers and have the same technology as well. We think that the TS9120 is better for office use where speed matters more than graphics and quality. On the other hand, for home use for students and photographers who need quality results, the TS8320 is the better option.

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