Asus Vs BenQ Eye Care Monitor Comparison 2022

Even though we realize that computer screens are harmful to our eyes, we still spend most of our day in front of screens. We start our day with mobile phone screens, spend the rest of the day watching computer and TV screens, and then right before going to sleep, we spend an hour or two on our mobiles again.

This prolonged exposure to computer screens is not good for our eyes. It can lead to eye strain and fatigue and even cause eyesight weakness. The best remedy is prohibition, reducing the time in front of screens to avoid these scenarios. But, some people make a living in front of these screens.

Asus Vs BenQ Eye Care Monitor Comparison

Programmers, editors, and lots of other people have to spend hours and hours in front of their computer screens. There is one solution to this problem, eye care monitors. Eyecare monitors use certain hardware and software tweaks to protect the user from all the harmful aspects of long computer usage.

In this article, we are going to compare two such eye care monitors. We are going to compare the Asus VS27EHE 27” Eye Care Monitor Vs Benq GW2480 IPS Monitor. So, let’s see their comparison chart, and then we will move towards their separate reviews.

Asus Vs Benq Eye Care Monitor Comparison and Buying Guide

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As you can see from the comparison chart, both these monitors aren’t too different from each other. In fact, in some aspects, Asus VS27EHE is better, and in some, Benq GW2480 seems to have better specs. That is the primary reason we chose to compare these two eye care monitors.

The Asus Vs. Benq eye care monitor is a comparison of two monitors that provide great overall performance at a low price. Let’s take a deeper look into both these monitors and see what they both have to offer.

Asus VA27EHE Eye Care Monitor Review

When looking at the Asus VA27EHE eye care monitor’s hardware specs, it looks great in one aspect but lets you down in another. It’s a mixture of good and bad features, but overall it is a great choice for almost any type of use. With 27-inch screen size and 178-degree wide viewing angle, you get the perfect view of your work, games, and movies.

However, it lacks in the connectivity department. The Asus Vs. Benq eye care monitor comparison chart shows that the Asus monitor only has two ports; HDMI and VGA. This limits the versatility of the monitor. But, for specific uses, like a monitor for your entertainment and gaming, the Asus VA27EHE is worth a look.

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Asus VA27EHE has a beautiful design and a strong and sturdy build. The thin bezels of the side almost bring an infinity display look to the monitor that vastly improves the user’s viewing experience. Thanks to the thin bezels and the wide viewing angle, the Asus VA27EHE is a great choice for a multiple-monitor setup.

Monitors must have a tilt feature, so when you get a bit tired, you can change your sitting pose and adjust your screen as well. The Asus VA27EHE does have this ability. You can tilt the monitor’s screen from -5 degrees up to +23 degrees. The IPS screen gives the perfect picture from any viewing angle, but having the option of adjustability is a good thing to have.

The monitor stand is basic but sturdy and stable. It’s not too big to cover to make the monitor look bulky, and it’s not too small to not be able to support the monitor. The square shape with angled wings on either side look sleek and elegant.

Another thing that we really like, and is being adopted by the majority of monitor manufacturers, is moving the menu buttons on the back. With the buttons on the backside, the front looks clean and minimal. The only thing on the front bezels is the shiny Asus logo. The rest is just the display area.

On the back, there are a couple of ports and a security cable lock. Also, thanks to the VESA mounting, you can mount this monitor on a wall to save desktop space.


The Asus VA27EHE brings a high picture quality with the 1080p IPS LED display screen. The near edge-less screen with its HD resolution and bright colors make for an immersive and beautiful viewing experience. Whether you use it for work or for entertainment, the performance is great, and the visuals are a treat.

Aside from the picture quality, the bright display, and rich colors, what surprised us the most about the Asus monitor was its gaming performance. The Asus VA27EHE has a 75 Hz refresh rate which makes for smooth and crisp video playback. Running games like Assassin’s Creed, COD, and GTA, you will experience a minimum of stutter and maximum of enjoyment.

The refresh rate is not the only thing that’s responsible for good gaming performance. The Asus monitor has the Adaptive-Sync technology as well. With the Adaptive-Sync technology, the games run smoother with minimal motion blur and image tearing. With both the mid-range refresh rate and the Adaptive-Sync technology, the Asus VA27EHE becomes a pretty solid multi-purpose monitor.

Of course, it’s not as good as some of the high-end gaming monitors, but considering the price and then looking at the performance, you can see that it’s way better than its category’s competition. We would even say that if you are looking for an entry-level budget-friendly gaming monitor, you should give this monitor a chance.

The best part is the highly-rated Asus Eye Care Technology. Many call Asus’s Eye Care technology one of the best out there, and we are one of them too. With a combination of flicker-free technology and low blue light technology, the Asus eye care monitor is extremely comfortable on the eyes.

The reason Asus’s Eye Care Technology is rated so high is that it doesn’t affect the picture quality of the monitor. Even with low blue light and a more yellowish finish, the color details and the graphics are radiant.


If you are looking for a multi-purpose monitor that will perform well under any type of usage, the Asus VA27EHE is a good option. However, the ports are a problem. You might have to buy different converter cables to connect with different computing setups. On the other hand, if you want a cheap gaming monitor for a console or PC setup, the Asus VA27EHE is a good start.

  • Great eye care technology.
  • Thin bezels and wide viewing angle.
  • VES wall-mountable.
  • Solid and sturdy build.
  • Decent refresh rate.
  • Good for gaming.
  • No speakers.
  • A low number of connectivity ports.

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BenQ GW2480 IPS Monitor Review

BenQ might seem like one of those quirky company names that no one knows how they came to being, but it actually indicates the company slogan. BenQ means Bringing Enjoyment N Quality to life. BenQ has been doing the same since 1984, and they continue to do it to this day.

The BenQ GW2480 IPS monitor also brings enjoyment and quality to your life by providing better picture quality and taking care of your eyes too.

Comparing the Asus Vs. BenQ eye care monitor, the only aspect that the Asus monitor is better at is gaming performance. Other than that, you will see that the BenQ eye care monitor offers more to its user than the Asus eye care monitor. Even though the BenQ monitor is smaller in size, it somehow offers more. Let’s see what it really brings to your monitor setup.

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The BenQ GW2480 IPS monitor has a pretty decent overall design and build. It’s a mixture of beautiful and practical design. The 24-inch monitor has a wide viewing angle with thin bezels and a tidy overall finish.

However, there are a couple of tweaks that give the monitor a bit of an edge over the competition. Most notable is the small sensor just under the BenQ logo. The small sensor is actually a brightness intelligence sensor. It detects the room’s ambiance and light conditions and automatically adjusts the monitor brightness to protect your eyes and save energy at the same time.

One thing that we are not quite sure about is the new position for the menu buttons. They aren’t on the front, and neither are they on the back. Instead, the menu buttons are on the downside of the monitor, just under the BenQ logo. It might work for some, but we don’t love it exactly.

The t-shaped monitor stand is pretty stable as well. It looks very sleek and stylish, unlike the Asus monitor stand that had a bulk-ish look.


Talking about things like picture quality, color, and image sharpness, the BenQ monitor provides a solid performance. But, comparing the Asus vs. Benq eye care monitor, the Asus monitor offers better overall performance. That in no way means that the BenQ monitor is terrible. It has an IPS display with similar 1080p resolutions, which still provides quality visuals.

However, because it has a lower refresh rate of 60 Hz and has no graphics enhancing technology like the Asus eye care monitor, it just falls short in the gaming department. The BenQ monitor struggles with intense graphics, whether they are for a game or work. But, for entertainment like HD video and movie streaming, the BenQ matches the Asus monitor.

If you aren’t too interested in graphics, you might prefer the BenQ eye care monitor because it offers more. It has built-in speakers, it has a headphone jack, it has a display port along with HDMI, and a VGA port as well. The speakers are of fine quality, the HDMI supports HDCP, and the headphone jack is a huge bonus.

BenQ’s patented eye care technology is pretty solid as well. A mix of zero-flicker technology, low blue light technology, and brightness intelligence technology makes for great eye care technology. Even after long work sessions, you won’t feel any strain or fatigue in your eyes. The headaches due to screen flickers won’t happen with the BenQ eye care monitor.


If you are into gaming, the BenQ eye care monitor is not for you. The low refresh rate and the fact that there is no extra feature to support gaming means the monitor doesn’t really bode well for gaming.

But, if you want a cheap monitor with a more than decent picture quality and special features for your eye care, which you can integrate into your work setup to work all day long, the BenQ monitor is the better choice. The versatile ports, the headphone jack, and the built-in speakers are great features to have in a production setup.

  • Built-in speakers.
  • HDMI, VGA, and Display Port.
  • Automatic brightness adjustment.
  • Zero-flicker and low blue light technology.
  • VESA wall-mountable.
  • Not good for gaming.

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The reason we decided to compare these Asus Vs. BenQ eye-care monitors is because both of them are quite similar in terms of price, specs, and performance. Choosing one of these two is only a matter of preference based on your usage. So, if you have a clear idea of what your usage will be, you already know which of these two monitors you want to buy. If you are still not sure, read our verdicts on both these monitors, they will help make up your mind.

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