All Clad 4112 Vs 41126 Comparison 2023

If you are looking for one of the best stainless steel fry pans, you probably came across the name All Clad 4112 and 41126. The two triple-ply stainless steel fry pans from All-Clad are rated very highly by home chefs as well as professional chefs, not only because of the performance but also because of the durability.

All Clad 4112 Vs 41126

However, the question is which one is the better choice between All Clad 4112 vs 41126. If you do some research online, you will find tonnes of articles with varying claims about these two fry pans. In this article, we will not only compare the All Clad 4112 vs 41126 but also bust the different myths about these two pans floating around on the internet.

But first, let’s compare these two in the form of a comparison table for an overview.

All Clad 4112 Vs 41126 Comparison and Buying Guide

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The table clearly shows the two main differences between the All-Clad 4112 and the All-Clad 41126. We will discuss these two in detail and how they affect the performance of the two fry pans. But before we move towards the differences, we will first talk about the similar aspects of these two pans.

As you can see from the table, there are a lot of similarities between the two. You can also call it a combined review of these two pans to decide whether these are really as good as everyone says. This review will help you decide whether these triple-ply fry pans from All-Clad are even worth it before buying one of the two. So, let’s get into it:

All Clad 4112 Vs 41126 Overview

The All-Clad 4112 & 41126 are two different fry pan models of the same stainless steel cookware series of All-Clad, and as is the case with the same series products, there are more similarities between the two than differences. So, before we focus on the differences, we would first like to tell you about the similar features and how they can help you in your daily frying, searing, sauteing, and more.

Design and Construction

The outlook, the design, and the construction of the All-Clad 4112 and 41126 fry pans are the same. Both the All-Clad 4112 and 41126 have three layers of metal bonded together to make conductive, responsive, and durable fry pans that provide consistent and quick-cooking results. The three layers include a ferromagnetic stainless steel exterior, a stainless steel cooking surface, and an aluminum core.

The stainless steel exterior helps with better heat distribution around the pan, so the food cooks evenly, and the aluminum core provides speedy heat conduction for faster cooking. Aluminum is a better heat conductor than stainless steel, but it is still more forgiving than copper. This means that you will have much more control over the heat than you do with copper core cookware.

Then comes the design and outlook of these pans. The All-Clad 4112 and 41126 both have a polished stainless steel finish on the exterior. The best thing is that the polished finish acts as a non-stick coating too. It prevents corrosion over time, and the stainless steel cooking surface won’t react with the food too. So, the outlook of both these pans is good-looking as well as practical.

Lastly, the design is also quite similar. Here we will bust one myth that we talked about above. Several reviewing sites will tell you that the 4112 pans are deeper than the 41126, but that’s not true. The All-Clad 4112, as well as 41126, have about 1.8 inches of depth, no matter which size option you buy. And these two pans also have flared rims, so pouring and serving the foods is much easier.

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Usability and Compatibility

Not everyone has the same type of stoves, but everyone does need fry pans. And the wide usability and compatibility are what distinguish the bigger brands from the cheaper products. Not just the All-Clad 4112 and 41126, but whatever stainless steel cookware you look at from All-Clad, they are compatible with all types of cooktops.

Whether you have a gas stove, an electric stove, or an induction stove, these two fry pans will work seamlessly with either stove and provide the same consistent taste and texture. The reason for this is the ferromagnetic stainless steel exterior that can handle high levels of heat, no matter what the source is. The heat conduction is quick, and the heat distribution is even, which results in great-tasting food.

The tough stainless steel exterior also means that you can use these pans in an oven or a broiler. The oven and broiler compatibility is mainly for the restaurants and professional kitchens, so they can broil and then sear the food in the same pan instead of switching pans midway. And of course, it is a big help in home kitchens too.

But, there is a limitation to the broiler and oven use. To prevent warping, All-Clad advises the users to keep the oven or broiler temperature under 600F. Still, 600F is enough temperature to cook a lot of foods.

Clean-Up and Maintenance

Another great aspect of both these pans is the ease with which they clean. The polished stainless steel exterior and the cooking surface will wipe clean like new with a soft sponge and some dish soap. Usually, stainless steel cookware is dishwasher safe, and the All-Clad 4112 and 41126 are the same. However, All-Clad advises against dishwasher cleanup.

There is no clear explanation as to why washing by hand is better for All-Clad cookware, but as long as it means the cookware will last longer and maintain the same cooking performance over the years, we think it shouldn’t be a problem. We think that considering the quality and utility which these two pans bring to your kitchen is definitely worth the manual washing.

One thing that becomes clear with this review and our hands-on user experience is that the All-Clad 4112 & 41126 are definitely worth the praise. The cooking performance alone is worth spending the money on, and the wide compatibility and other subtle features just exceed the expectations and raise the standards.

So, that’s that. Now let’s move to the next dilemma; which one is the better choice between All-Clad 4112 vs 41126. We think now is the perfect time to bust another myth of the 4112 vs 41126 comparisons, the quality, and cooking performance. We don’t know why, but people say that the 41126 offers better performance than the 4112 fry pan.

But, they do not explain this claim. Both the All-Clad 4112 and 41126 pans have the exact same layers, cooking surface, and core material, so why would the cooking performance be any different.

So, how to decide which one to choose. The next heading will answer that question once and for all.

All Clad 4112 vs 41126 Key Differences

There are only two differences between All-Clad 4112 and 41126, and these two differences are supposed to be the deciding factors. One difference might not affect you too much, but one definitely will have an impact on your final decision and might even force you to change your decision.

The Lid

The most significant difference between the All-Clad 4112 vs 41126 is that the 41126 pans come with stainless steel lids, whether you buy the 10-inch or the 12-inch pan.

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On the other hand, the 4112 is only pans, no lids. With a frying pan, a lid is a good thing to have as it helps seal the heat and aroma, but some people prefer cooking with an open pan.

So, to choose one between the All-Clad 4112 and 41126, you have to decide whether you want a lid or not. This simple question will make the decision much easier. Also, you should keep in mind that the inclusion of a lid drives the price of the 41126 pans upwards. You can check the latest prices from the Amazon links down below.

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Available Size Choices

In the table, you can see that the 4112 comes in four different sizes, whereas the 41126 only comes in two size options. So, if you want an 8-inch fry pan or a 14-inch fry pan, you have no choice but to buy the All-Clad 4112. On the other hand, if you are looking for a 10-inch or a 12-inch pan, you will have to pick between the 4112 and the 41126.

Once again, deciding the size you want will shorten your choice lists, and you will be able to make a final decision quickly.


You only have two questions to answer to decide which fry pan out of the All Clad 4112 vs 41126 will suit you best. Keep in mind that there is no difference in cooking performance. Both will help you cook delicious food with ease. That is why we are not going to pick one too. We hope you find the best deal for yourself, though.