Coleman Sundome Vs Skydome: The Main Difference Between Two!

It is vital that you equip yourself with a durable and spacious tent while going out for adventure in order to make the most of your time out in the nature. And Coleman is one of the few names that come to one’s mind when we talk about camping tents.

Coleman Sundome Vs Skydome Comparison

Coleman Sundome Vs Skydome Comparison

The main difference between the Coleman Sundome and Skydome is the space and weight. The SunDome is more spacious, while the SkyDome has a higher ceiling than the SunDome. In addition, the SkyDome is a few pounds heavier than the SunDome, so you can’t easily carry it around. In Coleman SunDome Vs Skydome comparison, we will try to figure out what are the key difference between the two tents and what both the camping tents have to offer in terms of specifications, and performance.

So, let’s find out!

Coleman Sundome Vs Skydome Comparison Chart

FeaturesColeman SunDomeColeman Skydome
Weight7.4 Pounds12.2 Pounds
Size2, 3, 4 and 6 Person4, 6 and 8 Person
Measurement9x7 ft8x7 ft
Center Height4 Ft4 ft 8 inches
Tent MaterialFlysheet: Polyester taffeta 75 denier flysheet

Tent: Polyester mesh 75D inner tent

Floor: Polyethylene

Floor: Polyethylene
Pole MaterialFiberglassFiberglass
DoorWide EntranceWide Entrance
ColorGreen and Navy GreyBlackberry and Blue
Amazon Ratings4.7/5 Stars (34,359 Reviews)4.6/5 Stars (971 Reviews)
PriceNo products found.No products found.

1. Coleman SunDome Camping tent Review

Now that you know the main difference between the Coleman SunDome vs Skydome, let us find out more details about both the tents.

The Coleman SunDome is one of the most reviewed and sought-after camping tents available on the market. Considering the price, ease of use, small package and price tag you get pretty good tent but it has its flaws too. You get adequate ventilation, plenty of space, two storage pockets and a pretty good rain fly. If you are a beginner and looking for an affordable and budget friendly camping tent, the Coleman SunDome Camping tent is one of the finest you will find on the market.

The Coleman SunDome camping tent is all about simplicity and budget friendliness. It has a classic dome structure, single door, vented rood and it can be installed in the matter of minutes.

Spacious and comfortable

The Coleman SunDome is a basic no frills camping tent with 4 person capacity. There is no thick and warm material used in the construction since it is a budget option and you can’t rely on the tent if you are heading out in snowy season or harsh weather. It’s basically a summer camping tent to be honest. The tent has pretty good ventilation system so in summer, the temperature inside the tent will remain stable. You get two pockets to keep your valuables such as mobile phone, chargers, power bank etc. The pockets help you keep the tent well organized. The floor is made out of polyethylene and is not very comfortable.  The tent fabric is polyester 75D which makes it durable enough if you treat it nicely.

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Weather Performance

First of all you should keep one thing in mind, that the tent is not designed for extreme weather conditions like snowy, rainy or windy conditions. Since it is a basic camping tent, it will not protect you from cold or storms. However, it is capable of withstanding winds up to 45mph which is spectacular. Included guylines are pretty helpful in holding up the tent in the windy weather. The seams are capable of holding rain water out keeping the interior dry in case of rain. Further, the fiberglass poles are not as durable and sturdy as aluminum poles but they can hold the tent well.  

Easy to use

The Coleman SunDome camping tent hardly takes 10 minutes to setup. Getting the poles set, fixing the clips and guylines are easy as breeze. The Coleman doesn’t use grommets like other tent manufacturers instead it uses a pin on all the corners that slides into the poles. The method is not ideal however it is fairly easy for folks who just have made their entry into camping world. Taking the tent down is not a difficult task either. The included bag makes it comfortable to pack and move around.


The tent is aimed to serve the casual campers and if you are a seasoned camper, you should go for better options in the market. Coleman SunDome is most suitable for family campers who go out once in a blue moon. The fabric is great, the rainfly is kicker and the floor is waterproof however the fiberglass poles are not dependable so if you are heading out and the weather is not supportive, you are advised to upgrade to aluminum tent poles which offer better resistant against wind just in case.

  • Well designed
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Easy installation and takedown
  • Budget friendly option
  • Bestseller on Amazon
  • Lightweight to carry around
  • Included guylines for increased stability
  • Amazing ventilation
  • Not meant for harsh weather
  • Fiberglass poles are not strong enough
  • Not premium quality

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2. Coleman Skydome Camping Tent Review

The Coleman SkyDome camping tent is a 4-person, freestanding, easy to use and a budget friendly tent which is designed to block the sunlight up to 90%. Designed in a dome style and steep wall structure, it looks more like a cabin tent. It offers 25% additional headspace than traditional tents so if you are big person, you can move within the tent a bit more freely. The tent is tall and have a 4 ft 8 inches height in the center and is supported by two poles and has single entry point.

The door has a double layered mesh window for viewing around. The rainfly is designed to stay attached with the tent and as you can see the bigger part of the tent is covered. The material below is same material the fly is made of. About 7 guylines can keep the tent incredibly stable even in the wind about 35 mph. Also, the lower guylines can be adjusted to keep the airflow steady ultimately stabilizing the temperature inside the tent.

Dark Room Technology

Coleman is well known for its use of dark room technology in the tents. The tent is constructed with the material which is capable of blocking 90% of sunlight. This means if you aren’t a morning person, the sunlight will not bother you at all and you can sleep as long as you desire. The fly as well reflects a part of the sunlight making the inner atmosphere of the tent cooler. Perfect isn’t it?

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When it comes to tent canopy and rainfly fabric, there isn’t much information available from the manufacturer. However, it is learned through various sources and after reading a few customer reviews that the rain fly and the canopy is made of Nylon material. The tent make use of WeatherTec system which means it has inverted seams and welded corners. There is a gear loft to keep small things in organized manner and a couple of pockets to keep your mobile phones and other such valuables.

The tent poles are made of fiberglass with a plastic ball added to one end. The fiberglass poles aren’t as durable as those made out of aluminum but with proper care, the tent will suffice for your casual camping needs.

Super Airy

The combination of shallow fly and mesh means you have impressive airflow and there will be minimum condensation. The tent’s performance is amazing especially when you are out in summer. With 4 persons sitting inside, the temperature will remain stable without any feelings of being suffocated.

  • Dark room technology
  • WeatherTech System
  • Steep walls and cabin line construction
  • Included gear loft
  • Multiple storage pockets
  • Super airy
  • Budget friendly
  • Not so durable
  • Not for seasoned campers
  • Not for backpacking

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For us, there is no clear winner of the Coleman SunDome Vs SkyDome comparison as both camping tents have their unique features and advantages.

The SunDome is more spacious while the SkyDome has increased center height compared to SunDome. Secondly, the SkyDome is a few pounds heavier than the SunDome so it is less portable and you can’t carry it around with ease. Thirdly, the material of the SunDome is polyester 75D and the floor is made out of polyethylene while there isn’t much information available on what kind of material is used for SkyDome. 

However, despite the differences, both the tents are super easy to setup and dismantle and you will not require complex assembly and there aren’t any tools involved. Both can withstand a 35mph wind but both aren’t suitable for extremely harsh weather.

BUT, the Coleman SunDome has enjoyed a larger acceptance with whopping 34K reviews and it is more suitable for beginners who are just about to explore the beautiful and adventurous world of camping. So, if you ask for our suggestion between Coleman SunDome Vs SkyDome, we will without hesitating suggest the Coleman SunDome should be your first pick. Do let us know your thoughts on the subject in the comment section below!

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